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My Love Kills - Glitch | Review

My Love Kills - Glitch

ScentAir Records

May 2019

"Glitch" is the debut album of dark/electro/EBM project, My Love Kills!

 My Love Kills is the electro - EBM duo, consisting of V.V.Arkames (France) and Fredrik Sigeback (Sweden). 

V.V.Arkames and Fredrik Sigeback, both have already a history in electro, synthpop scene, since they are known from their other projects. V.V.Arkames is a member of the industrial band Ad Inferna and Fredrik Sigeback is a member of the electo-pop band Erotic Elk. Through this combination and the differences of their other music projects, Arkames and Sigeback have formed My Love Kills where we can listen to a variety of influences from both of them.

My Love Kills have already released their first single "Love is Suffering", on March 12th, which was received with some great reviews from media and fans.

Now it is time for their full length album, "Glitch", coming out on May 15th. "Glitch", as mentioned, is a collection of synthpop, electro, industrial sounds combined in a catchy creation and matched with some vocals from Arkames, who varies his vocal lines accordingly, in each track, in order to perfectly fit the ambience My Love Kills wish to create.

 Starting with "Alone" a trip to dark electronica begins with some synth riffs that make this track a beautiful starter with "fresh" electro sound. "Just for One Kiss" is getting the beat higher and is a song that could easily stand to an electro dark dancefloor.

In "Deliver Me" the emotions prevail with a melancholic mood and some sad story in lyrics. "We Don't Want You With Us" is a haunting instrumental industrial track, followed by "Dark Hearts Communion" a really beautiful dark electro compositions with the appropriate elements used to continue and enforce the dark and sad mood of the previous tracks.

"Love Is Suffering" is the single that is already released, here in an album version. Melodic electro-pop combined with dark vocals and a lyric-line about how love could make someone suffer. "The Deep Mind" is a clear atmospheric track, while "My Last Words" seems to continue a story that was told in "Deliver Me", at least in concern to the music and the ambience. Again some lyrics about love experiences. "eXiL" is coming out from some horrifying scenes and spreading some fear.It could be a part of a horror movie soundtrack with its riffs and the "Runaway" chorus.

"2 as 1" is another emotional dark song, which, to my ears, is completing the story of the other two dark emotional moments of "Glitch".  "Love Undone" is the track with which all begun from Arkames and Sigeback. Clear electro-pop, future-pop melodies and synths, here in its album version. A catchy synth sequence which the listener easily remembers. "Glitch" is closing with "Slaves of Joy", a powerful industrial song with enough energy both music-wise and vocal-wise.

My Love Kills debut album "Glitch" is really convincing and will satisfy the dark electro fans and the future-pop lovers as well. With clear influences from both Arkames and Sigeback music background "Glitch" is a strong combination of fresh, catchy synths, dark electro beats and elements and the voice of Arkames ranging in a large scale of dark emotions and changing to, even, some more melodic paths when needed. An interesting part of "Glitch" is the addition of movie samples in most of the songs, as well.

All in all a really beautiful release, that someone could listen to while driving in a highway or even played in a club dancefloor. Make sure you put "Glitch" release date on your agenda.

My Love Kills - Glitch (Album Teaser)

My Love Kills -Love Is Suffering


CD (ScentAir Records) 15th of May 2019
Digital (on all platforms) 1st of June 2019



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