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Je T' Aime - Aggressive | Review

Je T' Aime - Aggressive

November 2022

Manic Depression Records / Icy Cold Records

The second "episode" of Je T' Aime conceptual two-part work, their second double-album, "Passive/Aggressive".

 Most of us have a yearning for music that brings memories, even subconsciously. Melodies that take us back to our childhood, specific long lost times or remind us of beloved artists we have admired and have had a great time with their music.

When meeting these qualities in a relatively newly formed band, we're sure to appreciate it. When this band takes the past qualities and evolves through them,it simply takes us back to the future. Their influences are obvious,but so is their talent to create something unique. JE T'AIME are here to show us that good students can become advanced masters as well.

dBoy, Tall Bastard and Crazy Z. are “partners in crime” as playfully described on their Records Company Official site. They founded JE T'AIME in 2018 in order to gift us with their electro-clash, new-wave, and post-punk sounds.

"Aggressive" is their last album consisting of ten extraordinarily entertaining tracks which will utterly satisfy with their deep, quality lyrics and the awesome, distinct sound JE T'AIME are known for. This is how I felt about the tracks.

Album starts in a powerfully danceable way. Synths and electronic sound at its best. Out of Sight is a track which gives me the sense it's about the struggle to live in two different worlds, the real one and a virtual one.
"Sometimes I break the shell and touch your flesh and blood
Sometimes I become blind and deaf to flee the crowd".


Coldwave meets post-punk in Tales of Despair with the right rhythm to get carried away. The guy in the lyrics has put up with a lot and is finally letting go .
"I’ll dismiss my fears and move along
I’ll draw my own path without even a glance".
Loving what I have listened to so far,not a chance of me letting this album from my hands...

Evil Curves has a quite impressive introduction and the sound in this track is full of energy and power like calling you to get up if you haven't already.
dBoy singing about a past love he still remembers, but happiness was out of reach.
"Lost in a life full of despair
I watch my love goes by".

More relaxed tunes follow in Gone Away. Sometimes one has to go away from what he once believed jn so as to release or...to numb the pain.
"You don't feel anything
The pain in you has gone away"
The right time to take a breath among the ultimate danceable sounds of the album.

Punk sound is intense and the rhythm lively and joyful. If only feels like a free fall between two people whose affair is slipping away from their hands.
"I'll always remember this night
Where you disappeared into shadows"

I really like Winter Lake that follows. Sound is deep and maturely constructed. Dboy's performance will certainly remind you of an iconic, beloved singer,but isn't that one out of many reasons we love him too ? A track that expresses the introspection done after learning a tough lesson.
"I should have run away from this night
And there's no one to save me".


Still sitting on your chair ? Time to get up and move that body. Kiss the boys(And make them die) is a track in collaboration with another dearly favourite artist,Alex Svenson from Then comes silence. This track actually comes from an EP whose earnings are going to an organisation for the relief of the Ukrainian victims. Yes the band wishes to entertain its fans but at the same time they can't turn a blind eye on the tragedy taking place next our door.
"Far from your heart you get no worries
Only arctic chill of their lifeless lips".


Leave me for dead actually makes me feel quite alive sound wise... cheerful and uplifting. A struggle to find one's way... We'll certainly find our way to the dancefloor effortlessly...
"To catch my breath, my soul
I must emerge out of this world".

Album ends with an emotional ballad so deeply expressed by dBoy's multidimensional voice, daring to even call it sensual in parts. The kind of music that makes you lay back and sink delightfully in it. Apathy felt after losing a beloved one.
"I cannot feel my heart beating
I must have screwed up again".

JE T'AIME, Thank you for this awesome album,I had a great time listening to it. I'm totally sure everyone giving it a chance will undoubtedly agree with me.










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