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IAMTHESHADOW - The Wide Starlight - LP | Review

IAMTHESHADOW - The Wide Starlight

October 2022

Cold Transmission

When The Portuguese Darkwave masters IAMTHESHADOW come back with their 5th album "The Wide Starlight" , it's exciting news to share with the dark music lovers community.

As soon as all the tracks were made available,fans started spreading the amazing music the band once more gave us. And then I realised I had to make a review on this work, because... ILOVETHEM . Before that lets recall some info on our beloved band: IAMTHESHADOW is a musical project that began in 2015 by the Portuguese musician Pedro Code (The Dream Collision, Rainy Days Factory, The Ending Nights). The artistic influences of Iamtheshadow are varied and navigate the blackest and sharpest sounds of the 80s. Iamtheshadow is modern dark romance, where melody and words touch deeply perpetuating the desire that crosses and overcomes fear.

IAMTHESHADOW is consisted of Pedro Code in Voices, Guitar , synthesizers and programming. Herr G , the bass guy. And last but not least Vítor J. Moreira in synthesizers.

Back to "The Wide Starlight": More than 2 years after their critically acclaimed album „Pitchblack“, the portuguese darkwave trio IAMTHESHADOW present with „The Wide Starlight“ their 5th full length album already to be released on October 14th, 2022.

With their upfront singles "Remind Me" (April 2022) and "Unfold" (July 2022), IAMTHESHADOW gave a glimpse already of what the album is about. Presented by the intense and emotional vocals of Pedro Code the songs of this new masterpiece are about places inside and ruins, about what is finite and infinite inside ourselves and the gift of silence in this wide starlight.

All songs are produced, mixed and mastered by Pedro Code. The track „IAmTheDark“ features the voices & lyrics by Kristien Cools (Splendidula).

I always say music should move your feet or your soul. In this case 12 tracks will absolutely tick all the boxes. Blissfully arouse the body, please even the most demanding ears and pierce right through your heart with these sounds, poetic lyrics and Pedro's beloved deep and powerful voice which at the same time is capable to manage a crack in the most fragile parts of our inner being.How can one not admire these exceptionally talented people?

This is how I felt about each track.

First track is called "Remains". Starting with deep, obscure nonchalant sounds , "Cheers to life" ,it begins,but it could rather be described sarcastic as the lyrics are about how living can suck us into darkness and bring coldness in our hearts.

The track which gave its name to the whole album comes next. The inspired composition of guitar, bass and synthesizer bring out a romantic and nostalgic sound in this one. Reading the poetry in this 2n piece,a picture pops up in my mind. A Starlit night when one is on his own facing the infinite right before his eyes . Right there between "The silence and the starlight",the mind is burdened by the haunting questions each of us holds within.

The melancholy in the sound makes a perfect match for the emotional "Even the air is a ruin ". It's that time when disappointment strikes and torturing feelings have accumulated thus even the air feels wrong.

"Remind me" was the first single released. Sharp and intense tune which will certainly push your body move along with it. If I was asked to use one sentence to interpret this one, I'd say "Remind me to live for time goes by and we're blind to see we're not infinite'

A melodically powerful and danceable tune follows named "Intimacy". A song about one of the biggest fears of the modern world.To be intimate with one another and the struggle one faces to heal from a catastrophic attempt which led to failure.
"These things are not for you
You warned me
I lost my kind of truth
You warned me".

Halfway of the album we "Unfold" the 2nd track released. Music wise I can listen to the distinct obscure and profoundly delicate sounds IAMTHESHADOW are known for. A self introspection and seeking for answers.
All The words I couldn`t say
Show me
the steps I couldn’t make

What comes next,I find very interesting. It's a collaboration with Kristien Cools, singer for Splendidula , a doom metal band. I have to admit it was the first time I heard her and it pleasantly surprised me as it makes such a unique pair with Pedro's voice. Seductively dark and so well-balanced. A voice that can definitely strike a chord within you. "IAmTheDark" She sings and I blindly take her word for it.Her voice convinces...

An atmosphere of mystery reaches our senses through the flawless, obscure sound; "decorated" with ethereal female vocals in "Stand Still" . "Would time stand still?" Sounds like a rhetorical question when we're completely conscious of the answer. Seems to me the lyrics of this album unveil the deepest, darkest dialogues we have with ourselves. The haunting thoughts we would dread to share as they mirror our struggles and fears.

Danceable sounds accompany Pedro's vigorously smooth and expressive voice in the 9th track and the whole acoustic experience totally justifies the title of "Catching Fire" . How desire turns to rage and hope to disappointment.

I have to notice how well chosen and matched are the titles, the music and the lyrics of each track. Reading the next title "The Killing" one could expect nothing else but a harsh statement be found both in sound and meaning. Melodic and perfectly tuned to a T. I feel this song is about surrendering to a world that wants us blindfolded living in hate accepting our fate.

Milder, emotional sounds unwinding in the poignant and romantically painful 11th masterpiece of this work.How "Broken" can we feel, sunk into this rotten world of obsolete insights,fear and doubt.
"Rest my arms in your web of fears
Your broken insights
Rotten inside".

And finally the music journey ends in the best possible way; realising how masterfully these 12 little miracles can connect to your heart and soul if you allow it that is by opening up and letting your sentiments follow.
"If All Is Loss" signals the farewell until their next brilliance...
"I drowned so many times
In my own fears
I closed so many doors
That I disappeared
before the fall
Don’t wake me again
If all is loss"

It will undoubtedly be a loss not to add this album to your collection... Thank you IAMTHESHADOW ?









Cold Transmission:






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