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SODIAC - Vendetta | Review

SODIAC - Vendetta

October 2022

Girlfriend Records

Synthwave one-man project, SODIAC, released a dark, synthesized debut mini album, "Vendetta".

A beautiful surprise is coming straight from the northern parts of Europe. Helsinki, Finland based synth wave project of a 21 years old music producer, SODIAC, brings a high quality 6-track debut EP/mini album mixing cold and retro wave synths with metal twist and post-punk soundscapes. SODIAC is the result of the music exploration that started when Isak was 11 years old and he heard Avicii’s Levels for the first time. Since then he has bounced between different genres when he found his music shelter under the synthwave sounds under which he has been dropping his first synth tracks.

"Vendetta" was created after hours of listening to a lot of dark electronic music that was keeping Isak up for his late night shift. The playlist included artists like Genesis, Alex & Tokyo Rose, Gost, SebastiAn, while Rammstein’s debut album Herzeleid was also playing frequently. And the blend of those influences can, clearly, be recognized in his debut EP, which it was immediately approved by Girlfriend Records.

The music flight starts with "Trust Only Blood" where the synth style is glancing to the heaviest sounds of synth wave including some metal twists. Retro atmosphere which varies in mood, totally sentimental and energetic. "Across The Wall" is the darkest side of SODIAC's persona, bringing his dark wave, post-punk touches in an absolute dark electro ambience, along with the beautiful voice of Andreas R. Gregor, from the Canadian cult-synth pop band Techniques Berlin. A total dark dancefloor hit.

In "When It's Dark" some classic retro, synth wave sounds taking the listener to the sci-fi landsape when the heavy riffs explode in the refrain.

"Somehow I can hear Til’s hard hitting German lines on the aggressive bass riff..." Isak says.

And this is exactly the point where "Akari" begins. Beautiful mixture of the synth lines with heavy, industrial-rock style, guitars. "Azrael" is sci-fi tune into a synth timbre that make this flight a futuristic race.

The closing track "Opus Nocturne" created two years ago when SODIAC was experimenting with some piano riffs that, in the end, sounded so familiar. Dark atmosphere, coming out from "The Exorcist" 's original sound and a cinematic feeling. Isak says "I came up with the track after watching Dario Argento’ “Suspiria” and wanted to catch the movie’s vibe with this track."

"Vendetta" is a powerful debut EP/mini album filled with some really clever and brilliant tracks and a beautiful collaboration in "Across The Wall". The 6 "turns" of this synth journey can satisfy both the synthwave and the dark, post-punk listener. SODIAC has adopted his influences in a beautiful manner including some great guitar works, balancing between the dark and the retro sound. Just press play and let it take you off. Looking forward to more music from the northern parts of Europe and SODIAC.






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