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Cinemascope - A Crack On The Wall | Review

Cinemascope - A Crack On The Wall

February 2022

Wave Records

Cinemascope returned with the second full length album!

In the last two years, apart from the quarantine, we have had some positive things too, such as the new music that generously offered us many of the old and new bands. So, we were very excited when we learned that the one man band listening to the name Cinemascope is preparing a new album. We were sure that something good is being prepared, even if it has been eight full years since the release of his first album "Stains Of Love" including our favorite tracks "Never Understand", "So Cold Inside", and "Five More Minutes" featuring Ronny Moorings of Clan Of Xymox.

Before we talk about the new album, however, let us reveal the talented musician and one of the most famous figures of the scene in Greece who listens to the name of Leonidas Skiadas. His love for music beyond Cinemascope has been known for many years. Not only as a DJ, but he is the owner of the Athenian club Death Disco, a venue that has played a very big role in the development of the Gothic, Darkwave, PostPunk scene in Greece.

The new album "A Crack On The Wall" was born through the unstoppable lock-downs. The whole album is distinguished by a sweet melancholy combined with strong melodic guitars with the help of Johnny Papaioannou and Manos K. and dark beats ready to fill the dancefloors. In many of the tracks, there is an 80’s aesthetic which blends perfectly with Leonidas excellent vocals and could very well be a soundtrack of a similar movie (especially the track "Die In Summer").

The album from the first to the last track is excellent and can easily play all day and all night on repeat. Our favorite tracks are: "In Silence", "Ocean", "Vicious Circle Game", "Sometimes", "Die In Summer", "Leaving is My Way to Breath", "Fall", "Let Me Be Angel” …that means ALL tracks are very special and have something to give in your ears and your soul!








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