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Komrads - The Wolf | Review

Komrads - The Wolf

August 2021

Negative Gain Productions

Komrads is back this year with a strong industrial full length album, "The Wolf"!

New York based industrial project, Komrads released the second full length album, "The Wolf", exploring the hardest sides of dark electro, industrial. "The Wolf" comes 3 years after Komrads's debut self-released album, "Resistor" and sounds like Zachary Burnett was holding all the music anger back and unleashed it within the 9 tracks of the album.

"The Wolf" is out since August 20th, via Negative Gain Productions. Komrads is the solo industrial project of Zachary Burnett and dives head first into a heavy hitting electronic dystopian landscape.  In "The Wolf", Zachary explores different paths than the ones he was introduced to us with his first release, "Resistor". Sounds like he picked up the "ingredients" he wanted to keep from his witch-house and electro-clash influences and turned them into heavy industrial, EBM tunes, while still incorporating elements of darkwave and hardcore punk.  


"The Wolf" gets you into its haunted atmosphere with an intro track, "Cross Fire" which feels like entering the deadly forest where you will find the lone wolf. "Exile" was one of the singles out of Komards's new album and it is a blend of power industrial and industrial metal, with a chorus that is coming out from the heaviest corner of industrial. "The Cure" blends its synth wave melodies with experimental post-punk, in a quite darker side of "The Wolf". 

Old school industrial is all around "Blind" with a strong drum beat, distorted synths and EBM lines. Same titled track "The Wolf" dives into a dystopian heavy electronic universe with metallic turns between the dark synths. "The Dream" starts with strong dark electro parts in a mid-tempo arrangement but with an amount of anger being obvious in the atmosphere.

"Sundown" gets into Komrads's darkest synth waves with catchy melodies and lines, glancing even to new wave or pop sides. "CTRL-ALT-DESTROY" is based on intense and more complex drums. "Waste" is closing the album with a haunted sound and a pounding drum.

Komrads have definitely move forward with "The Wolf", putting raw punk power and testosterone and anger  in their music. Influenced by some of the pioneers of industrial, EBM and industrial metal, like Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb and Ministry, he push his limits to heavy sides, while there are moments of pure post-punk mood getting into experimentations with dark,synth wave. Although it seems that Zachary Burnett is still experimenting and trying to define the sound of Komrads, it is obvious that he loves to move into undiscoverd paths and "The Wolf" is definitely worth to listen to and dance with!






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