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Moris Blak - The Irregularity Of Being | Review

Moris Blak - The Irregularity Of Being

November 2019

Negative Gain Productions

Moris Blak is back with the new full length industrial album!

I have to admit that after those years of listening to countless hours of music, I can, in a way, understand my facial expressions when I listen to something new and I feel that this is going to be played on repeat for some time. There is this expression of satisfaction and happiness. In Moris Blak's case you can add the movement of my head banging all over, following the beats of "The Irregularity Of Being".

Moris Blak is back this November with the new full length album "The Irregularity Of Being". A true industrial music bomber, perfectly matching the harsh industrial elements with a lot of bass 'n' beats tunes and arrangements. 

For any of my dear readers that doesn't know him, Moris Blak is the one who creates the electronic dance music that will follow you in any underground shelter and catacomb that you will enter to reveal your industrial creature. Pioneer of industrial bass music, creating music since 2016, Moris Blak has develop his unique style which is clearly being presented with "The Irregularity Of Being". Supporting this expression, Moris Blak is featured by some excellent artists, all coming from some unique projects. Together with Moris Blak we find Angel Metro, Pete Crane (SHIV-R), Amelia Arsenic, Slighter and Noire Antidote. Each one of them, adds an extra ingredient to the creation of Moris Blak.

"The Irregularity Of Being" starts with an intro, "Every Limb Into The Bottomless Pi", preparing the atmosphere and the ear for what is about to follow. Haunted intro as if we enter a catacomb in role-playing horror game. "Druglicker" is the piece that crawls you with that mid-tempo beat and this lengthy, distorted synth. There is a warning, "This is not for all audiences" as if we enter a room of torture.

"Pain" is featured by the dark magic of Angel Metro. Distorted female vocals, strengthens the dark ambience, in a mid-tempo that is absolutely addictive. The dark dance haunt is following with "Erase Displace" where we find Pete Crane of SHIV-R. A track perfectly matched to Pete's taste of industrial while his voice makes the drum beat sound even louder. Appropriate melody that keeps all the dark mood while this one shall be one of the dancefloor hits.

"Upgrade Me" starts with the beautiful voice of Amelia Arsenic. Emotional and melodic, there is a sense that we are in an electronic ballad, but this is ntot really the case, since a while before the 2nd minute is passed there is strong beat and bass following the sweet aggression of Amelia's voice. Breaking beats and strong synth and bass lines. "Strange Eternal" gives the sense that we are into an X-Files story, trying to get in touch with some unknown and strange creatures. Diffusing synth sound is following the strong bass beats and this piano melody is giving this sense of the unknown.

"The Violence" featuring another experienced artist in experimental electronic music, Slighter. Going back to mid/slow tempo beats but with some breaking moments that fills the track with extra power. Perfectly matched are the keys arrangements. In "Velvet Coil" there is the side of the album that someone would expect to listen to from the beginning. This is not other than the witchy tone of electro industrial and this is supported by Noire Antidote. A witch house influenced song, with distorted bass lines, some vocals that remind of Marilyn Manson and a classical tone between this powerful beats.

Last is the same titled, "The Irregularity of Being". A long (10 minutes) track, including all the elements we find in the album. The strong beats, the distortion in the bass lines, the distorted synths and variety of rhythms. All these with strong industrial tunes and breaking beats moving occasionally from long distortions to melodic parts.

"The Irregularity Of Being" has been a really pleasant surprise to my ears. Moris Blak gives a new sense to the dark industrial music with a unique use of strong bass lines combine with these breaking beats. The collaboration with all the artists featured in the album gives another unique tone, since all the music and arrangements of Moris Blak adopt a different strength. Moris Blak is, definitely, pioneering in this bass industrial music and "The Irregularity Of Being" is a collection of new bass industrial sounds. Listen only on high volume!







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