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Iris - Six | Review

Iris -Six

August 2019

Dependent Records

Iris, the Us based synthpop duo are back with the "Six".

Iris, a band coming from NYC. with many albums, EP, and cd singles already released, comes with new elements and production values to present us their new album ''SIX'' by Dependent records. Simple compositions and emotional alternative guitars fill the atmosphere. In some parts, soft drums, dynamic vocals and the ambient sound of synths keeps the whole spirit alive! Iris members are Andrew Sega(keybords production) and Reagan Jones-vocals

The lyrics sometimes speaks in a romantic way and sometimes with realistic facts of daily routine so you have more than one reason to support them, because they speak to your thoughts! Reagan Jones interpretation ability is in harmony with the charismatic compositions of Andrew Sega in a magical way that makes them stand out and transmit their energy  to us!

The album starts dynamically with the first track ''Third Strike'' with the extraordinary metaphysically synths leads the soul in an outer space. I believe the song based on thoughts that only the subconscious can do, as the human being realizes the reason of its existence. Says goodbye to a lover touch, looking the stars above the dark sky, it's so hard to focus on that glow and then you open your eyes and you realize that the same way you came to earth the same way you would leave someday.

The second and contradictory song is "Joy kill" which starts with strong synths that slowly becomes softly while the refrain lyrics are ''joy comes and goes life kills so slow'' and while I am listening to the music, I see myself dance in a venue without people around. Just close my eyes and dance! Clearly, this song talks about our bad thoughts and how those words affected our mind, sometimes you feel like you can't wake up. And probably you stay there forever and as long as you carry out these thoughts, you wonder how long this will take. The words are pessimistic but the singer expresses it with an optimistic tone in his voice,  as if he wants to put some color in the darkness. And he does it!

"Silent" is quite different from the first two tracks. The electronic element is harmoniously connected with the rest of the composition. Melodic guitars comes first like a soft melancholic wave. Some strong synths and emotional vocals follow the whole tempo. The track begins with a piece of harmony in the lyrical praises and suddenly a part changes in 2:29 always with the guitar in front and keeping  the interest alive. Lyric-wise, there is a story that makes you to think about your life and what choices you have to take from now on. Another song with realistic approximation

"Silent" gives a promise and "Speak Out" gives an impulsion it's worth comparing these two songs between them. Here the synths taking the first place in the composition, starting with a slow tempo, continuing with a quite faster beat and coming to an end with the same slow rhythm like it begins!

"Six" includes 11 tracks. All, beautiful and unique, with "Third Strike", "Joy Kill",  "Silent" and "Speak Out" stand out, every single note has a story to tell, the beats speaks to your heart and awakens your fantasy while the realistic words keeping the whole structure!  It is worth to have such an album in your compilation. I hope to see them live in our country someday since I really enjoyed their music!

by Cleopatra K.





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