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Hanging Gardens - Materia Prima 3.0 | Review

Hanging Gardens - Materia Prima 3.0

August 2019


French dark wave Hanging Gardens new EP, "Materia Prima 3.0".

Hanging Gardens is one of this really pleasant surprises that arrive in ElektroSpank's inbox, out of nowhere. Extraordinary soundscapes of atmospheric dark wave and post-punk.

Hanging Gardens are a French duo from Metz. The two members are Nadia B. in vocals and Loic V. in instruments. Their debut extened play. "Corpus 2.0",  was released in 2015 and had been quickly noticed by dark wave fans. The two artists manage to create a really cold and dark ambience with the emotional voice of Nadia and the amazing arrangements of Loic. A balanced use of post-punk guitars. with electronic dark wave elements and all based in the well-known characteristics of the French way of darkness and dark wave. Using synths in harmony with all the other instruments, melodic, strong bass lines when necessary and atmospheric vocals with a beautiful voice reciting and singing in French.

While using their native language, with "Materia Prima 3.0", Nadia and Loic build a unique haunting atmosphere. Even from the first seconds of "Mysrerium Tremendum" when the low tempo beats starts and the voice of Nadia strengthens this sound, there is this feeling when you know that this will be a beautiful record. Melodic sharp guitar chords and these compelling, almost recited lyrics, lead you deeper into darkness.

In "Folie" there is a light distortion in guitars, while the voice of Nadia becomes even more imposing and a synth melody and the vocal line from Loic closing this song, creates a colder emotion. "Materia Prima" starts in total dark scenery while, moving inside this song, more intense feelings being built, rhythm is growing, as if the final scope is approaching. A great track with strong melody, becoming more and more powerful as it approaches to the end.

"Supra Mental" is a cold, dark, post-punk, clearly one of these songs that would make everyone dance in a dark wave dancefloor. Strong rhythm and beat and a catchy melody from the guitars and bass. Her voice is, again, perfectly matched and expresses these cold feelings. "DMT" is the last song of this beautiful EP. And this song is closing the "Materia Prima 3.0" with a sound including all this darkness and the melancholy that Hanging Gardens creates since the first note.

"Materia Prima 3.0" is one of these extended plays that I wish it would be not just an EP, but a full length album. Just because the music and voice of Hanging Gardens touches you. And flood you with strong dark and melancholic emotions which are really addictive and you need more. A beautiful dark wave album, influenced by the French origins of this genre with the use of synths and some electronic elements and with sharp guitar riffs and strong bass and beats.

I hope and I am looking forward to listening to a full length album from Hanging Gardens, really soon!






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