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Death of Self - There's No Going Back | Review

Death of Self - There's No Going Back

September 2019

Bugs Crawling Out Of People

Death of Self, the, Chicago based, experimental industrial project is back with the "There's No Going Back".

The LP "There's No Going Back" is the powerful "come back" of Nick Dos's electronic project, Death of Self. Almost seven years since their previous release, "Embracing The Things We Said About Ourselves", the band from Chicago returns with a really dark and powerful album. Diving into the electronic music experiments the "There's No Going Back" is really addictive and haunts you in such way that you need to listen to it as a whole. No interruptions, no breaks.

If you are familiar with the sound of Death of Self and you have already listened to the previous album, "Embracing The Things We Said About Ourselves", I have to tell you this. Death of Self has made some changes. They have left behind all the chaotic aggression of the past and start a new chapter. To my ears, way ahead of the previous release, in "There's No Going Back", Nick Dos transforms to your tonight's nightmare. 

Starting with "Alone", Death of Self is putting you straight to this depressing dark room, where no fairy-tale will be heard. Even intro notes are enough to make you understand that there is something darkly unique is about to follow. Low tempo beats filling the place, while some distorted vocals completing the scenery. Now it is obvious. This will not be a happy story. But you are now part of it. And it will keep you until the end of "There's No Going Back".

"A Moment of Clarity" makes the ambience even deeper. Aggressive beats, in a quite upper tempo, strong and compact sound, matched with some synths keeping the feelings of anxiety in darkness, still, there. A rhythmic noise industrial tuning that makes this track a connection to the past of Death of Self. "Shattered" creates the noisy pounding music with an amount of distortion in all parts being obvious. A track that is going to a more melodic end, after the 3rd minute, as if the machines have completed their task and going back.

"Breathe" is quite different from the first three tracks, with a slightly distorted melody ans some breaking beats. It could state and mark the start of the second part of the "There's No Going Back". It could be the connection of two parts, of two different sides of this haunting story, played in this album. "Ø" increases the mysticism that has been built until now. A strong melody with synths and quite comforting but not in a relaxed way. In a way that is an acceptance that there is no going back.

"Dead Letter" is absolutely dark in all aspects. Strong, dark, haunting atmosphere. Melodic synths come along and join the strong, quite distorted, beat. A last call for help in this sad, self-destructive story. "The Exact Moment of Defeat" is an end to this tale, in the way that someone would expect. All the experimental industrial darkness gives a haunting, sad, finish to this spooky, purging story. With a long use of distortion in every element, sliding slowly to close this album and leave everyone into their darkness.

In "There's No Going Back", Death of Self creates a dark scenery with the experimental soundscapes. The album is all based in a concept of chained events that leads to an unavoidable self-destructive situation. " A story about hitting rock bottom, and knowing that there's no going back." Addictive from the start of it, Nick Dos use all his characteristics and elements in the best way. Death of Self builds this story, step by step, beat by beat. A construction of sad feelings. Anxious and dark atmosphere reaching their peak in the middle of the album, while after that, an acceptance of loss and defeat, guides to the end.

Really beautiful dark, noise, industrial return of Death of Self, suggested to anyone having felt in such way or to everyone that loves the dark mood, the experimental electronic, the distorted beats and vocal lines and music in general!






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