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Cryo - The Fall Of A Man | Review

Cryo - The Fall Of A Man

Progress Production

June 2019

Cryo returns with a full length album "The Fall Of A Man".

Sweden has a history with great EBM, industrial bands and Cryo is exactly one of these examples. And this is even more obvious in "The Fall of A Man".

Five years since their last full length album, Cryo is back with a dark electro collection of sounds and tunes.

In my opinion, and as I have already written in the past for similar bands like Cryo and releases like "The Fall of A Man", that is how dark EBM should sound like.
Delivering influences, from some old school industrial bands, like Front 242, but combined so beautifully with new electro EBM and industrial techniques and characteristics.

From track number 1, "The Fall of A Man" puts the listener in that exact mood. "Know Your Enemy" is exactly about this. Synthline from the early 90's with a light voice modulation, keeping the tension low, before the sound explosion. "Control" has been already a dancefloor hit since it was released earlier as a single. EBM in a filthy beat with an addictive rhythm.

"Remember" goes even higher with the beat and rhythm, and is definitely one of the next club hits out of "The Fall of A Man". Voice keeps that deep darkness, while the lyrical theme and concept of the album starting to became clear. A powerful track which becomes more intense as the synth melody is going higher passing the 3:15. I caught myself expecting exactly this synth and the growing intensity, just seconds before it started. And it was right there!

"Valium" is quite harder that the previous songs, keeping the same characteristics and the dark feeling. A song about psycho-pharmaceuticals and their side effects in a cold electronic tone. "Smile Forever" is more aggressive even vocal-wise with some extra distortion.

"Sanitarium" is the second single that was previously released before "The Fall of A Man". Keeping the same theme with the addition of vocal samples where needed, an atmospheric electro composition. "Decay, Decay, Decay" is a pure atmospheric song with melodic synths and quite melancholic mood in vocals.

In "When You Cross The Line" the emotions are higher while Cryo adopt more pop elements, while there is sense of moving to more indie paths. "Low Life" keeps some of the electro pop characteristics of the previous song composed quite in a more experimental way.

Closing the "The Fall of A Man", comes the "Human Nature". A low tempo song with an intro that could remind of some Depeche Mode lines. A haunting track as a whole, with deep dark ambience.

Cryo, with "The Fall of A Man", takes the hand of the listener and walks him through the dark corridors of a sanitarium towards the light and life. Inspired from everyday's depressions and all the affect of our life's incidents and habits, that in many cases, can lead someone to support or medicine treatment. Cryo present all these in a collection of a dark, electro, industrial songs under a, strangely, beautiful cold atmosphere.

Cryo's "The Fall Of A Man" release date is June 7th, from Progress Productions.






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