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Sombre - Lindsay | Review

Sombre - Lindsay

Uproar For Veneration

March 2019

Sombre, from post-punk to electro-dark.

Sombre is a duo coming from France and consists of the singer Cédric Manine and the producer and instrumentalist Axel Wursthorn. The two musicians formed Sombre back in 2011.

Although Sombre is already in action for 8 years, it was this March, 2019 when their first, debut, full length album released from Uproar For Veneration Records. Prior to "Lindsay" the duo had released an EP. "Half Light", while had several appearances in compilations.

Sombre's sound is influenced from the post-punk music of the 80's and together with this elements, they have adopted and matched several electro moments, taken out from the 80's until present.

"Lindsay" is a really persuasive debut album, since it contains some beautiful post-punk compositions that in moments they touch the gothic side of their music, while on the other hand, in some other moments the clear post-punk influences are in front and last, there are several electronic parts that makes Sombre's music to balance between those previous elements and in some more electro-pop, electro-goth lines.

The album starts with an "Intro" Track that takes the listener to "Black Skin Twins", a clear post-punk sound and guitar riffs that could remind the sound of Bauhaus. "New creatures" introduces us the electronic side of Sombre, since there are electronic elements combined with the guitars, making a difference from the first song, "Black SKin Twins", clear.

"ALF" is keeping the elements from "New Creatures" with a strong beat of a drum machine, while the atmosphere is getting even darker. This is, also, happening because of some deeper vocals from Cédric Manine. Same title song, "Linsay", delivers another new element to the Sombre's album since it is a really melodic but still dark and emotional track with the addition of some beautiful female vocals.

"Master" is a song keeping the rhythm in low lines but it shows the darker influences of the band. "False Illusions" returns to the post-punk sound with an upper bassline and beat, reminding a lot of some Clan of Xymox hits from the past. "Find the Light" still keeps some of the dark, with a more indie sound in chorus.   

"We will Coalesce" is a slow emotional love song, obviously influenced from David Bowie. "Outro" is a closing theme track but not the last song in the album. "Lindsay is closing with a cover on Kim Wilde's "Kids in America", an interesting and different approach to a massive hit from the past.

Sombre's "Lindsay" collects all the elements that influences the two band members, Cédric Manine and Axel Wursthorn. Post-punk guitars and drums, cold wave atmosphere intensively reminding 80's bands and artists. There several strong emotions throughout the album, while the mood is as dark as the band and those emotions and melodies need it. A remarkable and promising debut post-punk album.

Sombre - Lindsay






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