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Sidewalks And Skeletons - Entity | Review

Sidewalks And Skeletons - Entity

Re:Mission Entertainment

May 2019

Witching electro with haunting female vocals.

Sidewalks and Skeletons returned with a new album this May, 2019.

"Entity" is the 7th album of Sidewalks and Skeletons, the dark electronic solo project of the music producer, Jake Lee. And "Entity" is apparently the most mature work from Jake Lee and his project, since it is a reflection of all the music paths that he has chosen to follow and all the music elements that he has already released in his previous albums.

"Entity" will be available on out on a 4 panel CD format and a limited edition (50 copies) purple cassette from Re:Mission Entertainment, the company behind the sold out rarities collection of Fektion Fekkler.

Sidewalks and Skeletons was "born" in 2012 from Jake Lee, a guitar player in his teens, playing in shows around UK mainly with metalcore bands. Jake Lee had been creating his own original music while writing some “warped horror soundtracks” under other aliases.

After 7 years, being active as Sidewalks and Skeletons, the time has come for Jake and his 7th collection of songs and electronic sounds. Together with Jake, we find an amazing electro-punk artist from Australia, Goo Munday. Jake trusts the unique and haunting voice of Goo Munday to escort his witching electro beats. Find out more about Goo Munday in this chat we had some time ago. And what we have as a result is a combination of this unique tone and aggression of Goo's voice with some equal aggressive, hard beats but with some beautiful melodic highlights.

"Entity" manages to create a blend of darkest electro sounds with strong beats and tempo keeping a sense of growing anxiety combined with some most melodic and emotional parts giving several feelings of relief, like light rays in a dark ambience. Such moments are the melody of "Empath" which stands between the powerful "Dead Idols" and "Destroy", the tripping "Ocean", the beautiful "Take Me" and the relaxing "Crush".

Starting from track 1, "Entity" begins with an intro same titled instrumental, "Entity" giving the right direction to the listener for the rest of the music path. Dark atmosphere from the beginning, with some guitar notes followed by the electronic part that introduces next song, "Zero". "Zero" is a powerful electro with catchy synths and there we find the voice of Goo Munday.  "Dead Idols" and "Destroy" which stands on the sides of "Empath" could be a witching soundtrack with hard, breaking beats and distorted female vocals.

"Fractals" lowers the tense and the tempo along with the "Abduction". "Elixir" builds a peaceful atmosphere during the first minute, when some stomping beats begin to raise the rhythm along with a strong synthline.

"Loss" is what the title represents. Without any voclas the music takes control of all the feelings. Same sense in the closing track "Gone", this time with some delicate vocals from Goo.

A beautiful, witch house, dark and horror electronic sounds collection, which are all of these that Sidewalks and Skeletons is about and represents. Music that could be a soundtrack to frightening horror movie but could equally and easily fit to dramatic love story. Perhaps the best album of Jake Lee so far, with a compact sound and a qualitative production.

Sidewalks and Skeletons is currently on a US tour, presenting "Entity" in front of the fans, along with Brothel and ΣΕΘ (SET). Witchhouse and dark electro haunted nights. Below you will find the dates .

Sidewalks And Skeletons On tour with brothel and ΣΕΘ (SET)

May 17: HOLO - Queens, NY

May 18: QXT - Newark, NJ

May 19: The Fire - Philly, PA

May 22: The Fallout - Richmond, VA

May 24: The Goat - New Orleans, LA

May 30: Elysium - Austin, TX

June 1: Limelight - San Antonio, TX

June 8: Garage Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

June 12: Rebel Lounge - Phoenix, AZ

June 14: Lovecraft Bar - Portland, OR

June 20: Fatty's - Boise, ID

June 21: Substation - Seattle, WA

June 25: Hodis - Fort Collins, CO

June 26: Riot Room - Kansas City, MO

June 28: Leland Club - Detroit, MI

June 29: Underground Lounge - Chicago, IL







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