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Odonis Odonis - Brilliant Things (feat. Terror Bird), dreamy bedroom pop turns to melodic electro

Terror Bird's, "Billiant Things" is featured in Odonis Odonis, "ICON" EP!

One of the best EP released in 2023 was the "ICON" EP by Odonis Odonis which is a magnificent collaborative work featuring several guest appearances! One of those collaborations is the complete different version of Terror Bird's extraordinary, indie pop ballad, "Brilliant Things". The, previously, dreamy track, is presented here as a melodic electro pop ballad with some ideal synth lines a new wave-ish, new disco, low-tempo beat and the unique and characteristic voice of the charismatic Nikki Nevver of Terror Bird!

"Brilliant Things" in "ICON" is transformed into a dark technoir, electro composition by the Toronto-based duo, Odonis Odonis who can easily combine the 80s sonic aesthetics  with goth and darkwave melodicism while maintaining an industrial strength intensity. Odonis Odonis described by Pitchfork as “claustrophobic electronic music that sounds like the end of the world.

"ICON" EP includes two Vancouver acts, ACTORS ("No One Left") and darkwave singer/pianist Terror Bird ("Brilliant Things"), as well as A Place to Bury Strangers, SUUNS, Patriarchy and Tobacco, who brings the intensity to the metal-charged lead single "Beast," out now with visuals directed by Tzenos. "ICON" is the band's first release since their 2021 album "Spectrums". Although the two projects are equally genre-bending, where the former brings new voices to every track, the latter has no features.

"We wanted to bring out what we admire in them and prove that we can do a variety of styles," Whale said of his ICON collaborators.

"Terror Bird is a prolific songwriter who is best known for her heavy participation in and coining of the term "bedroom pop", meaning a sort of lo-fi pop music recorded and mixed at home. Terror Bird is best known for the dark synth bedroom pop album, All This Time, and their singles, Cemeteries and Shadows in the Halls.

Having teamed up with producers Jason Corbett (Actors, Foreign Resort, Art D'Ecco) and Jordan Koop (Orville Peck, Wolf Parade) to achieve a more hifi sound on her recent albums and singles, Nikki Nevver of Terror Bird and Subterranean Lovers blends music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s to create a unique weird pop sound. A songwriter and artist inspired by the greats, this is emotional catharsis paired with lyrical authenticity, poetry and even wit. Inspired heavily by the early work of glam rock greats, 90s indie and shoegaze, 60s girl groups and country tinged folk songwriters, and dark 80s studio bands. Exploring topics from death, domesticity, choices females must make, failed romances, flawed friendships, emotional turmoili and falling in love.

The new Terror Bird album Deathless, Wild and Free features musicians from the Vancouver punk, garage and glam scene or the Subterranean Lovers as Terror Bird takes a detour into pop rock featuring sax, violin, cello and guitars- a far cry from her previous bedroom synth pop tracks released on Rough Trade alongside Grimes and Zola Jesus or Night School, the label behind Molly Nilsson, Sally Dige (who has made several music videos for Terror Bird) and Strawberry Switchblade's Rose MacDowall
Nikki Nevver has recently toured Europe with London's Silent Star, German dark wavers Videotraum and Canada with M!R!M and LA's controversial Patriarchy. When not writing albums, Nikki plans and DJs The Dark Eighties dance nights. She has toured the UK with Molly Nilsson and Apostille and the USA with Mutators, Nu Sensae and Twin Crystals. The band, which used to feature Orville Peck aka Daniel Pitout on keybooards has played with TR/ST, Xiu Xiu, The Human League, Sally Dige, Future Islands, Die Selektion, and more.


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