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Some Days Are Darker - Nocturne (Inferno Choir Remix), an emotional electro

"Nocturne (Inferno Choir Remix)" is a dark melodic synth electro journey!

From the sun-baked expanse of Phoenix comes a goth rock romance rendered with the fatal attraction of noir cinema and emblematic of the high-contrast coexistence of darkness and light. Elements of post-punk, dark wave, and gloom core. Some Days Are Darker released the gloomy and emotional "Nocturne" back in 2022. In August 2023, "Nocturne" took new form in Inferno Choir Remix where a new sonic experience has been skilfully crafted, immersing in soundscape where darkness and melody unite under a low tempo electro composition.

Pulsating bassline establishes a soothing rhythm and lead synth weaves a melancholic tapestry while tension is being built, creating a captivating passionate ambience. The Inferno Choir remix balances perfectly etween the electronic elements and the atmospere of the original "Nocturne"!

Some Days Are Darker illustrates a rich soundscape colored by hues of love, loss, and rebirth, an era-ambiguous amalgamation of goth-rock gloom and moder-day crooner.











If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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