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Platronic creates electrified "Memories" on a dancefloor

German/Finnish duo released their latest single, "Memories"!

Platronic formed back in 2020, on International EBM day, when Finnish composer/producer Some-E and German singer-songwriter and co-producer Kay Burden (“3rd best female artist 2019”, Radio Wigwam Awards, UK) decided to turn their love to music into a sinfully elegant dreampop project with deeper meaning spiced up with danceable electronic beats and topped with velvety female vocals.

Having released several singles and "The Healing" EP, in January 2023, Platronic combines dreamy pop with uptempo beats, strong danceable synths and the smooth vocals of Kay! 

"Memories" is the duo's latest single and it is one of those that can make your body move following the beats and the beautiful voice. The basic characteristic of "Memories" is exactly what the title says. The new single brings back the sound of the golden era of future pop when the hard electro pop arrangements were colliding with EBM sounds under a gloomy, melancholic ambience! The amazing thing that happened with future pop was that it was expressing a morose mood through high danceable tunes. This is exactly the case with Platronic's "Memories". 

"Memories" gets you into a dreamy path with its start but, at the same time, it builds an atmosphere that turns into an intense electro pop track with its explosion on the second half, following the dynamic synths and the bouncing beats.

Platronic comments on "Memories": "Imagine if ABBA and VNV NATION did a collab track in the 90's... Well, that's how "Knowing Me, Knowing You" might have sounded like! It's Kay's most personal song and it was a very difficult process. It took months to produce this track together with Sami! "When I first listened to the final version of MEMORIES, I literally was dancing to it with tears in my eyes." And MEMORIES is very danceable! A breakup is never easy, but Kay's intention was NOT to compose a heartbreaking ballad about it. And although this track has a very sentimental undertone, it's still powerful and energetic with a touch of trance and a glimpse of hope!"







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