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Cyberpunk cinematic journey with PYLOT & TOKYO ROSE - Terminal 001

Beautiful collaboration between PYLOT and TOKYO ROSE in this new single, "Terminal 001"!

PYLOT returns with an amazing collaboration with TOKYO ROSE in this new single, "Terminal 001"out of PYLOT's debut album, "AXIOM", released on November 17th, via, New York based, NewRetroWave Records.

PYLOT first appeared in 2015 combining catchy synth and clever electronics with exceptional visuals and pictures."By blending elements of Synthwave and cyberpunk with finesse and attention to detail, PYLOT creates mesmerizing and immersive soundscapes that are filled with beautiful synth melodies and energizing rhythms. This talented artist has developed a unique style that can be both powerful and thought-provoking, capturing the hearts of listeners worldwide."

In "Terminal 001" PYLOT focuses in the power of his synth lines blended with captivating hard beats, creating a catchy melody coming back from the 80's and bringing the future sound into this nostalgic arrangement. Balancing with ease between the cyberpunk elements and the retro ambience PYLOT and TOKYO ROSE creates a razor-edge synthwave dancefloor track. While still using the guitar parts "Terminal 001" express the dark side of the synth based story of PYLOT. Powerful up-tempo beats create a thrilling mood , while the intro part along with the inside bridge builds an intense dark synthwave soundscape!

"Terminal 001 (feat. TOKYO ROSE)" is included in the debut album from PYLOT, "AXIOM".

"AXIOM" is a power-packed project that harnesses many facets of synth and delivers them with glorious, well rounded execution. Boasting encapsulating melodies and rhythms, AXIOM is an album that all synth enthusiasts and Audiophiles will enjoy.

"AXIOM" is out since November 17th, via NewRetroWave Records, and is described as one of "the huge moments for NRW"








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