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Experimental sounds in Matan Arkin's new EP, "Twice"

Matan Arkin released the new EP, "Twice"!

Matan Arkin is a new solo project hailing from Germany! He appeared in 2023 with two EP released in March and June, titled "Tease" and "Copy Paste". Matan expressed his will to experiment from the very first EP, "Tease" where we find different soundscapes from avant-garde electro to future downtempo, managing to create a mysterious and gloomy ambience.

In "Copy Paste" Martan introduced a more diversed sound going more into the darker side of experimental electronics, keeping the low tempo and adding more atmospheric pads and synths, while "Lurk" comes with a martial industial mood.

In November 2023, Martan Arkni released the new EP, "Twice", moving forward with the experimental, minimalistic blend of electro, dark ambient and noise parts. "Twice" comes with 3 tracks, including the same titled "Twice", "Chains" and "Nothing". "Twice" EP is taking the tempo quite higher with the tracks "Chains" and "Nothing" being one experimental industrial upbeat track. All vocals are Matan Arkin's completing the dystopic images of his sounds


I suggest you follow the links below and listen to all three EPs from Matan Arkins!







If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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