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Agima Sun's "LVSTER LVX" electrified version by Death Verified

Listen to Agima Sun's industrial, electro rock version in "LVSTER LVX" in "Eurovision Remix" by Death Verified.

Agima Sun is an alternative/industrial metal band from Poland. Their latest release is the "ULTRA FICTION" 6-track album, released on October 20th, including strong metal vibes mixed with heavy industrial elements. Distorted guitars, heavy drums and aggression creating a post-industrial, metal theme with rough vocals and crawling mid-tempo arrangements.

Prior to the album, Agima Sun had released the single "LVSTER LUX" including the original track (later found in the album) and a b-side which was a more electrified version of the title track, "Eurovision Remix" by Death Verified. While the original track is more into the paths of gothic metal and heavy industrial. Death Verified gives to "LVSTER LUX" their perspective bringing out their more electronic soundscapes and mixing it with metal parts of the original. "LVSTER LVX - Death Verified Eurovision Remix" is the result of this collaboration and it is a track that could easily get you on a dark, industrial dancefloor. Catchy dark synths, a mid/up tempo beat rhythm that is perfectly suited with the heavy guitars and the industrial Ministry-like chorus.







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