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The "Sentimental", nostalgic come back of Thymian

Thymian unveils his new dark synthesized single, "Sentimental"!

The dark and sad dance ambience of Thymian is perfectly reflected in the lines of "Sentimental" both music-wise and lyric-wise! 

It's been more than three years since we first met and listened to the beautiful debut album of the Zurich based dark wave, synth pop project, Thymian, with the "Rhythm Of Doubt". Since then Thymian has always been in our radars and playlists with his songs. 

And on January 19th, the new single "Sentimental" was out depicting the one of everyone's thoughts, always do what feels right, with the synthesizers and the saxophone introducing a new sense of nostalgia, setting the tone for the dark pop sonic aesthetic that unfolds throughout the song. His baritone vocals, delivered with maturity, evoke a sense of originality and authenticity.

"Sentimental" is a solid synth pop composition balancing between new wave sounds and dark energetic pop/wave, buliding an intensified soundscape, reaching a completion with the addition of the extraordinary saxophone solo by Ferran Gorrea.

Thymian continues what he started almost 6 years ago, with his dark romantic art and the new wave influences!

Thymian comments on "Sentimental": "As we’re only human, of course we let ourselves be shaped. In our younger years, we soak up beliefs and ideas just like a sponge and some of these later turn into personal values. They lead us in several directions, but ultimately, it’s up to us to follow our internal compass. Or to put it simply: “Do what feels right.”

THYMIAN has taken this idea to heart, creating only the music that truly resonates with his adult self. On “Sentimental”, pop structures meet a refreshingly familiar sonic aesthetic. His baritone vocals float over strummed guitars, that harmonize beautifully with gentle synthesizer melodies. The saxophone solo by Ferran Gorrea transports listeners back to the 80s with a dash of goosebumps."








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