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Draining Kiss - Against the Light, or just love the darkness

Are you "Against The Light" or you truly love the darkness? 

"Against the Light" embodies the essence of both dark wave and minimal synths, blending atmospheric textures with leaping electronic beats to create an immersive dark soundscape.

Draining Kiss is a darkwave synth project from solo musician Quinn Martin based in Gainesville Florida. Bringing together elements from classic '80s post-punk, darkwave, and new wave bands with a distinctly melodic and danceable approach and dark, introspective lyrics, he hopes to pay homage to those influences while blending them into something new and personal.

"Against The Light" opens with a rhythmic synth that blends with the beats and the vocals of Quinn Martin. The instrumentation, along with the beautifully submerged vocals, is  adding to the song's ethereal quality and enhancing its otherworldly vibe. The haunting synth melodies set a mysterious tone throughout the song and creates a haunting atmosphere filled with electronic beats. As the track progresses, layers of synths build upon each other, creating a dense and ambient soundscape, that it is strengthened with the beautiful bridge that leads the listener to the second half of the song and the hypnotic vocals that close "Against The Light".

Draining Kiss comments on "Against The Light": "Against the Light is an energetic darkwave synth track that takes a tough-in-cheek look at the process of finding the dark side - from the excitement of discovering communion with fellow bats, to the early try-hard awkwardness of being too edgy, to finally questioning your motivations and finding balance. The song mirrors this journey sonically, with the bridge taking the same brooding synth elements that make up the first half of the song and re-casting them in a completely different light. Do you truly love the darkness? Or are you just against the light?"

"Against The Light" is an enthralling walk into the dark pathways of Draining Kiss, blending elements of darkness and light, synthwave and goth, creating an alluring soundscape, built upon the emotions of dark wave and synth wave music, relaying a goth atmosphere to the listener.





If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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