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2019 - A Year Full of Great Music | ElektroSpank's Albums Selection

Check in here to find out what we 've been listening to mostly, in 2019.

To me, the creation of a top albums list of the year and their selection is a process that starts on the 1st January of each year. It is a continuous task that is always in progress, and under a long consideration.
Usually when I listen to an album, I am definite that this will make it to my top selections of the year, or not. It is difficult to change this, however this is not something that does not ever change. After all, we are humans, and every time we listen to song or an album, there are many factors that affect our preferences and opinions.
To get back to this process, and as I said, most of the times it is the first impression and my music instinct that plays a significant role on my choices. The most important though is the feelings that the music, the lyrics and the ambience creates and make me think, feel, cry, smile, dance, relax and so on...

I could talk a lot more about the way a song or a sound could make you feel, but not now. Now it is the time that I have to put my selections in an order. And this, my friend, is the most difficult part. Because, although, I am certain that an album will be in my top's list, it is really hard to me to decide which one should be in the top and which ones should follow.

In 2019, and to everyone's pleasure, there were so, so many good releases. An amount of really good and remarkable albums. All of them created with a huge effort from the artists and bands, with passion and love to what they are doing and with a lot of respect to the fans, and the audience that support them in any way everyone is able.
It is more than sure that there is no list that could fit all of these beautiful works. As it is equally sure that there could be some albums that would not make it to some list. However, all the artists and the people that have worked behind the scenes, deserve our respect.

OK. Enough with the intro. Now it is time for some action. ElektroSpank's list for 2019 contains 20 albums. They are all under the "dark underground alternative" spectrum. Whether it has heavy guitar riffs or electronic noisy sounds are all creating the same dark atmosphere. Therefore in this list you will find pure gothic rock, strong industrial sounds, cold and dark synths and bass and modern post-punk arrangements. So, let's go....

20. Sediment Bruise - In Between

Ikaros Records - January 2019

"In Between" is the third full length album of Sediment Bruise and came out in January 2019. Although the band's sound is definitely an alternative/indie sound, in "In Between" there are many more music influences included. The whole album is deeply atmospheric and dark and I could say that there is a lot of new wave, post rock and even a sense of dark pop. Sediment Bruise have perfectly matched the sound of Radiohead with that of God Is an Astronaut but then again you will find Suede and Sonic Youth playing with Interpol and even New Order. A really deep dark emotional moment is the "State of Mind" coming with a beautiful official video.


19. HAPAX - Monade

Swiss Dark Nights - June 2019

"Monade" is the darkness in someones heart and soul. HAPAX combines and uses the 80's dark wave sounds with a lot of synths and, sometimes, harder electronic elements create modern dark, cold, post-punk melodies with deep emotional vocals. In "Monade" you will listen to stories of the someone's effort to redefine self-identity and to establish humanity's lost communications. "Monade" is the third full length album for the post-punk, dark wave band from Italy.


18. Mark E Moon - Refer

Cold Transmission - November 2019

Beautiful debut album from Mark E Moon released from Cold Transmission. Pure gothic rock tones, dark wave melodies, cold synths and beats. All these ingredients are brought to listener from Mark Sayle and Phil Reynolds with excellent presentation, passion in their performance and dark romanticism. "Refer" carries the influences of the 80's and 90's gothic rock and new, dark wave, brought to the present day and transformed genuinely to become a new dark rock sound.


17. First Aid 4 Souls - Keep This World Empty

Alfa-Matrix - Novemeber 2019

Hungarian old school EBM, First Aid 4 Souls, returned this year, after a new signing in Belgian, Alfa-Matrix with "Keep This World Empty". A concept album based on the novel "Ice", written by Vladimir Sorokin and is a story set in a brutal Russia of the near future, where the Tunguska meteor has provided a mysterious cult with a material which can make people's hearts speak. An album that presents the old school EBM, industrial sounds of Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Yelworc or X-Marks The Pedwalk, perfectly matched by the duo from Hungary, to describe the story of "Ice". Really interesting album, while every song is defined by its own style and uniqueness.


16. Data Fragments - Data Fragments

Geheimnis Records - March 2019

Perhaps one of the best debut albums in 2019. Data Fragments are a dark wave, post-punk band from Greece, consisting of Panos Dedepsidis(Guitar/Vocals), Stathis Leontiadis(Bass/drum machines), Panos Dimopoulos(Synths/machines). Formed recently (in 2017) they released their debut same-titled album in March 2019, including 7 dark wave gems. With early 80's dark wave and post-punk influences they create a modern post-punk, cold sound all in a darkest mood. Excellent production by Geheimnis Records.


15. Minuit Machine - Infrarouge

Synth Religion - May 2019

The duo from France released their third full length album "Infrarouge" in May 2019. Using even more electronic parts, Minuite Machine creates a dark electronic arrangement moving from dark wave to EBM and even dark techno, in moments. Amadine's voice and lyrics are the perfect ingredient for Helene's music explorations and creations. Minuite Machine brings their cold darkness in the synth and electro pop pathways.


14. A Projection - Section

Metropolis Records - October 2019

2019 has been a really interesting year for A Projection. After several changes in the band, the signing to Metropolis Records, they release "Section". A complete album in many aspects. In 'Section", A Projection uses their post-punk influences, elements and sounds and gives to them a darker and a more gothic approach. Creating a dark ambience music-wise and lyric-wise the third album of the Swedish post-punk act is the most dark and compact.


13. Silence In The Snow - Levitation Chamber

Prophecy Records - July 2019

"Levitation Chamber" is the second full length album from the Oakland based duo, with a more dynamic sound including the live drums of DeSchryver and dynamic compositions. A cold atmosphere is being created from the beginning. It is an absolute trip in cold darkness where the voice of Cyn M. is the guide to the unknown paths that their music and the drums of DeSchryver creates. Easy paths to walk, in the beginning, with unexpected turns throughout the journey. After every turn, you always feel the excitement and want to see what's next. That is exactly how I felt when I first heard "Levitation Chamber".


12. Death of Self - There's No Going Back

Bugs Crawling Out Of People - September 2019

Death of Self returns, seven years after their previous release with the "There's No Going Back". Death of Self creates a dark scenery with the experimental soundscapes. The album is all based in a concept of chained events that leads to an unavoidable self-destructive situation.Nick Dos has left behind all the chaotic aggression of the past and start a new chapter. To my ears, way ahead of the previous release, in "There's No Going Back", he transforms to your tonight's nightmare.


11. Anima Triste - Humanity

Self Release - May 2019

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises to me in 2019. A band I barely knew until the first time I saw them live and manged to keep so close to them with their music, their passion, and make me feel so deep into their music.... "Humanity" is a masterpiece combining post-punk and gothic rock in a perfect, emotional way. Compact sound, sharp and heavy guitar riffs and amazing even theatrical vocals from Mad Sad. They will definitely touch your inner thoughts.


10. Antipole - Radial Glare

Young & Cold Records - September 2019

While Antipole's influences are going back to the dark and cold wave sounds of the 80's, they have manged to give a new dimension to this style with their unique sharp guitar sound and the great combination of arrangements and vocals, all in a way that could redefine the modern cold wave and post-punk to the way it sounds like today. I would like to use a phrase that I wrote in my article for "Radial Glare", ""Radial Glare" includes what a possible new single from David Bowie would sound like. You can find it in the first song "Decade Apart ft Paris Alexander." There are more things someone will find out while listening to this album.


9. Ritual Howls - Rendered Armor

Felte Records - March 2019

Starting with pure dark americana style, Ritual Howls presented a complete dark rock album, released in March 2019. Gothic sharp guitars, deep dark vocals, industrial electro elements, all matched in perfect harmony. Emotional melodies, lyrics and vocals to what a definition of dark rock could be. Creating atmosphere of a haunting soundtrack with strong bass lines, cold synths and a strange sense of western dark nights.


8. Angels of Liberty - Servant Of The Grail

Secret Sin Records - June 2019

Two years after Voe Saint-Clare, lead singer's passed away, a new album from Angels of Liberty which was eventually long expected. A band that was rapidly distinguished for their unique and modern gothic rock sound, unfortunately came to an end after the death of Voe Saint-Clare. However, previously recorded material collected and "Servant Of The Grail" came out. A gothic masterpiece making the absence of Voe and Angels Of Liberty even more felt and difficult.


7. Gold - Why Aren't You Laughing?

Artofact Records - April 2019

Gold released their fourth full length album, "Why Aren't You Laughing?" in April, 2019. Carrying the great feedback of their previous album "Optimist", anticipations were really high for the avant-garde, gothic rock band from the Netherlands. With a compact sound, an amazing production, influences that leads you from dark, avant-garde pathways, to heavy guitar riffs and an exceptional vocal performance, Gold presented a complete album in all aspects.


6. Twin Tribes - Ceremony

Negative Gain Productions/Manic Depression Records/Young & Cold Records - December 2019

Twin Tribes. A two year old band going deeply into the coldest paths of modern dark music. The Texan duo released their second full length just a few days ago and they managed to enter almost in every top album's list. I 've already written that they will create their own path of darkness and they will definitely put their mark in the modern post-punk sound.


5. S Y Z Y G Y X - Fading Bodies

Negative Gain Productions/Cold Transmission Records - October 2019

Josh and Luna are my retro punk heroes. This was my first thought when I first listened to their music and tried to find out more about them. S Y Z Y G Y X is the absolute combination of electronic dark wave with cold minimal synths and dark psycho pop. While listening to "Fading Bodies" you get strangely addictive to their electronic arrangements and beats and the cold, dark vocals. They draw you to their music chemistry so easily that you feel like, in a way, you can't move!


4. Sonsombre - The Veils Of Ending

Post-Gothic - June 2019

Sonsombre is one of the bands that carries all the legacy of the 90's legendary gothic bands and bring their sound to the present and future. "The Veils of Ending" is the second chapter for Sonsombre, still remaining focused to the classical gothic rock, reminding bands like The Wake, Nosferatu and Screams For Tina. Brandon Pybus is an artist deeply influenced by gothic rock's "second wave" bands. Their second album came really soon after their debut but it is obvious that Sonsombre has been given a task. To stand in the frontline, along with a number of other gothic bands, keeping gothic rock alive and active.


3. Moris Blak - The Irregularity Of Being

Negative Gain Productions - November 2019

A definition of bass industrial in 2019. Moris Blak manages to create the sound of the modern bass industrial in a 9 track album, featuring several guest appearances, making this album even more powerful. Moris Blak gives a new sense to the dark industrial music with a unique use of strong bass lines combine with these breaking beats. Just imagine yourself in any underground shelter and catacomb looking to reveal your industrial creature.


2. Ground Nero - Divergence

Danse Macabre - October 2019


While almost at the top of the list, I have to admit that it was really difficult for me to decide, between the albums in second and first position. The final result came out really difficult. So, here we have another gothic rock album, an album that along with the greatness in the songs has a really amazing production. Ground Nero's "Divergence" is the biggest proof that gothic rock, not only is still alive but with beautiful releases, as well. In "Divergence", Ground Nero create the gothic rock as it has to be in the fourth wave of gothic. Dark gothic melodies, sharp and heavy guitars, deep, emotional vocals.


1. Acretongue - Ghost Noturne

Dependent Records - February 2019

ElektroSpank's album selection for 2019 is the dark, hypnotic electro / industrial of Nico J.'s project, Acretongue. "Ghost Nocturne" is the third release from Acretongue and is definitely the darkest of all. I am still catching myself, just closing my eyes and left to Nico's sounds and voice, while listening to "Ghost Nocturne". With influences going back, even, to ClockDVA, Acretongue creates a dark electronic album that have spoken to our hearts. With amazing lyrics, emotional deep voice and compact arrangements and compositions, including several synths and piano elements. I could write down one or two highlights of the album, but I would suggest you 'd listen to it from the first to the last minute. Acretongue's "Ghost Nocturne" had become my insomnia's soundtrack and it will definitely continue to be.


Well, that was it. I could add many albums more, but I thought it would be best to keep a number of 20 releases as our selection. Keep on listening to the music you love, support the scene, the bands, the new artists and labels. They all need us and we need them!

Best regards



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