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New single from The Livelong June out from ScentAir - free download!

Swedish electro pop band, The Livelong June releases new single, free download.

Another great release from one of the most active record companies in the scene, ScentAir Records from Moscow.

The Livelong June is a band from Sweden playing electronic tunes which includes a lot of guitar sound and often moving to more indie elements.

This is what make s their sound really interesting since they could be considered as an electronic alternative indie pop band.

The Livelong June has already released a full length album that came out in February 2018 from ScentAir Records, with the title "The Art of Living".

Now it is time for the next single from The Livelong June, "The Greatest Loss". Including a really gritty electro pop same title track and  a more emotional second track. "Hemlängtan" (Swedish language version of the album track "Homesick") with Swedish lyrics and a melancholic melody. In the "The Greatest Loss" there is an obvious influence in vocals from Placedo's frontman Brian Molko.

A really interesting release from The Livelong June which is available as a free download from ScentAir Records. Just follow the link below...

ScentAir - The Livelong June "The Greatest Loss" free download

The Livelong June —The Greatest Loss - Tracklist

1.The Greatest Loss
2.Hemlängtan (Swedish language version of the album track ‘Homesick’)





If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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