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13 Ghost Stories - An interesting project from Jean Marc Lederman

"13 Ghost Stories". "You can come back to earth for ONE day, as a ghost. What do you do?"

On March 1st 2019 a really interesting release will come out from Dependent Records. 

"13 Ghost Stories" is the idea that is coming true, of Jean-Marc Lederman. Jean-Marc Lederman is a keyboard player and producer, know from his work with several bands like Fad Gadget, The The, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Weatherman, Ghost and Writer.

Jan had a question.

"You can come back to earth for ONE day, as a ghost. What do you do?"

And he asked that question to 13 artists, each one with different influences and background, coming from 10 different countries. Their answer to this question came in a form of lyrics, which he then combined with the appropriate music from his musical universe. The answers were as different as the vocalists who participated in "13 Ghost Stories": From Elena Alice Fossi (Kirlian Camera, Spectra*paris) to Mark Hockings (MESH), RASC (Rotersand), Darrin Huss (Psyche) or JP Aston (Jene Loves Jezebel) and Agi Taralas (Our Banshee).

The compositions range from light and friendly relaxed synthpop, over melancholic dark ballads to disturbing experimental soundscapes bearing automated 'ghost messages'. 

In addition to the musical performances, Julianne Reagan (All About Eve), Rodney Orpheus (Cassandra Complex) and comic writer Christina Z. (Whitchblade comics et alia) contributed short stories to Lederman’s concept. These appear in the limited edition of "13 Ghost Stories", a 36-page hardcover artbook limited to only 300 copies, also featuring haunting ghost shots by graphic artist Erica Hinyot, inspired by the famous photographer Albert Renger-Patzsch. A bonus CD of the artbook contains 7 more songs ("7 Emanations").

13 Ghost Stories will be out in two editions on March 1st. The one is "Jean-Marc Lederman Experience - 13 Ghost Stories Book 2-CD" including a bonus disc (2CD in hardcover book 18x18 cm, 48 pages with 7 bonus tracks and additional short stories,300 copies available) and the second is  "Jean-Marc Lederman Experience - 13 Ghost Stories Digipack CD".


13 Ghost Stories tracklist:

01. By The Fireside (part I)
02. The Dead Still Scream
03. Maybe
04. Brian Wilson Stole My Prom Date
05. Nuages à l'envers
06. The Tallest Building In Town
07. Nothing Shall Remain
08. Upset Karma
09. I'm The Ghost of Your Father
10. The Darkest Secret
11. Ball & Chain
12. Last
13. Last Woman Standing
14. Watch Them Dance
15. Everything Is going to be Fine in the End

Bonus CD:
01. A Man And A Child
02. Triskaidekaphobia
03. Momentary (Ghost In The Room)
04. Talk About Ghosts
05. I Fellowed Sleep a poem by Dylan Thomas
06. In Here (Forevermore)
07. Tu Sabras
08. By The Fireside (part II)


Christer Hermodsson from SPARK! (voice in video below)
Louise Fraser
Stefan Netschio from Beborn Beton
Juliette Bossé from Rive • Botanique
Jenna Fearon
Agi Taralas from Our Banshee
Elena Alice Fossi from Kirlian Camera and SPECTRA*paris
Yvette Winkler from Vaselyne
Mark Hockings from mesh
Natasha A Twentyone from Ambassador21
Alice Gift from Velvet Condom and Liste Noire
Christa Jerôme
Rascal Hueppe from Rotersand
Julianne Regan from All About Eve
Darrin C Huss from Psyche
Rexx Arkana from FGFC820 and Bruderschaft
JP Aston from Gene Loves Jezebel with Jay Aston and Ugly Buggs
Nicola Testa and Louise Love from Parallox
And Rodney Orpheus from The Cassandra Complex, Christina Zun from Witchblade comics fame and Julianne Regan have added 3 novels.


Jean-Marc Lederman Experience - 13 Ghost Stories







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