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Always forward, step by step, we are getting closer to the Amphi Festival 2019 every day. Hence today's four new bands conclude the current line-up their very own way which perhaps could suprise some of you out there:


For WHITE LIES currently everything's centering around the figure "five". Their recently released fifth album titled "FIVE" once more combines dashing stadium-class wave-rock with many influences from the 80s between synthpop and post-punk building up to a hymnic overall package topped by the distinctive voice Harry McVeigh's. White Lies are more than just a Big TV, they go for the grand cinema!

Theatrical opulence is something COMA ALLIANCE wait on with as well - however in a completely different style. Widescreen sounds with a massive apocalyptic tone between dark dance smashers and intricate compositions from the quill of nobody less than Adrian Hates (Diary of Dreams) and Torben Wendt (Diorama), who recently shaped this graceful musical vessel together, focusing their long-term friendship and recurring loose collaborations into a full joint-forces project.

When you think of Italy, some of your most instant associations might head towards sunny days and dolce vita - the Mediterranean lifestyle. ASH CODE in their songs, however, commemorate the abysmal. Look forward to monochromatic, chilling synth-sounds in close league with a post-punkish feel, incited by a world threatening to choke under the ashes of mankind. A driving, demanding and innovative force!

The name Marc Ziegler, a.k.a. SEELENNACHT might particularly be known to Blutengel fans already. The impressive early musical steps from back in the days meanwhile evolved into a gorgeous complete work, which condensed all of its strenghts on the recently released album "Gedankenrelikt". Expect a wonderful highlight for fans of darkromantic electro-pop, whose unrestrained rush for the dancefloor hooks you up with striking catchiness.


Please be advised there have been made two changes to the line-up by days for programme related reasons. As announced a few days ago on facebook, UNZUCHT will now play on Saturday, 20.07., (the original date was 21.07.). The same also goes for LORD OF THE LOST. Chris Harms and his men will now rock the mainstage on Saturday, 20.07., (instead of 21.07.). We ask for your kind understanding.


Original Amphi Festival tickets and "Amphi/E-tropolis 2019" combi-tickets are exclusively available at Amphi Shop, www.amphi-shop.de !

Furthermore festival tickets can be bought at all nationwide CTS/EVENTIM box-offices, online at www.eventim.de, www.oeticket.com, www.ticketcorner.ch and as PRINT@HOME edition.

Additional festival information is available as always at www.amphi-festival.de or www.facebook.com/amphifestival. Also follow us at www.instagram.com/amphifestival!

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