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Moonshine Effect - An ethereal/dream pop band from Greece.

Moonshine Effect is an indie band from Greece, playing a very relaxing, ethereal dream pop.

Lately I discovered a band from Greece quite different from what I usually listen to. Moonshine Effect is an indie band with a really tripping sound and their music effect is guiding you to dream to the moon.

They combine elements from ethereal sounds and dream pop, along with obvious folk influences. Additionally you will listen to some really good emotional vocals from Jacqueline Chermille.

I 'd suggest you give Moonshine Effect a chance and listen to their full length album, released in 2018 with the name "Our Eyes Should Meet". It will guide you to different states of your mind.

Below is the official press release from Moonshine Effect and a video from a track called "Just Before Dawn" included in the "Our Eyes Should Meet" album.


Moonshine Effect is a band that created in 2015 in Athens (Greece).The musical genre they play is Indie/dream pop with psychedelic and folk influences. 

The album "our eyes should meet" is the result of a collective effort that began in the summer of 2015 and ended in the winter of 2017. The music and lyrics of all the songs were written by Johnny Dell'Orso, except for Songs 2 and 3, written by Kostas Lamda and Johnny Dell'Orso. John X-Tram helped in the demo version of songs 4.5 and 7.

 The musicians who participated in the recording of the album are:

Pinto de Lima: Bass

Nikos Darilas: Percussion

Theodoros Dremetsikas: Keys

Kostas Lamda: Keys

Johnny Dell'Orso: Guitars

Jacqueline Chermille: Vocals 

Recordings, edits and mix were made by Theodoros Dremetsikas in Athens during the period 2016-2017. Additional editing and mix were made by Kostas Lamda. Mastering was made by George Botis in London during December 2017. The album has been released in cd and vinyl and distributed by B - Otherside records




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- "Just Before Dawn" -


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