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Paradox Obscur releases the electrified "Auto Reverse" EP

Greek dark synth, electro duo, Paradox Obscur, releases new 5-track EP, "Auto Reverse"!

Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor dives into the high energetic electronics, solidly bound with nostalgic hardware analogue sounds in the new EP from Paradox Obscur, "Auto Reverse", out on June 16th, via WARRIORECORDS (FR).

Paradox Obscur states on "Auto Reverse": "The EP Auto Reverse has just been released and features 5 brand new songs! The tracks vary in rhythm, some lending themselves to dynamic electronic dance, while others imbibe a nostalgic tune. This sonic fusion creates a sensual, gradually dynamic atmosphere that transcends time. Enjoy and spread the word!"

Prior to the EP, the official video for the track "Présage" was released unfolding the unique perspective of both, Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor, on analogue sounds compositions while introducing new elements expanding their style in rhythmic and dance electronic paths.

The experienced music background of the duo is getting them to create a nostalgic ambience, mixing elegant synth sounds and beats into what could, best, described as the modern indie-dance and electro-disco tunes. Charismatic voice of Kriistal Ann adds an extra retro dance emotion while Toxic Razor keeps exploring his electronic influences.

Paradox Obscur formed back in 2014, bringing to us the magic of the old-school electro sound built on analogue paths. In 2020, the duo joined Metropolis Records releasing "Singles & Rarities" compilation and "Morphogenesis" full length album. The new Paradox Obscur’s EP, "Auto Reverse" includes 5 brand new songs with a total time of 17:30 minutes, performed by both artists, Kriistal Ann & Toxic Razor, released via the French WARRIORECORDS. The songs are predominantly in a dance style, synth - electronic compositions with references to electroclash & synth pop. The lyrics are performed in the English and French language. 









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