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Acretongue 's new album "Ghost Nocturne" is out

Acretongue is back with the long awaited new release, "Ghost Nocturne".

It has taken Nico J. seven years to find the sound and the shape of a successor for his brilliant debut album "Strange Cargo", released in 2011. Now the long awaited "Ghost Nocturne" will see the light of day in February 2019, and the record matches the high expectations with ease. "Hypnotic" is the first word that comes to mind, when you intend to describe the music's reach and effect, but "Ghost Nocturne" branches out from there into different territory. Slowly, steadily, carefully Nico J expands his musical horizon.

A dreamlike, hypnotic state always seems to be the entry point of Acretongue's musical effects, but "Ghost Nocturne" is more diverse than its predecessor. Not only in terms of the vocals, which come across more varied, but also in the different ways in which it sets up its rhythmic structure and pace. The compositions surround its listeners like dreams, sometimes weird, sometimes upbeat, sometimes in slow pace, but always with surreal yet careful electronic precision and warmth. An electronic music Nocturne.

"Ghost Nocturne" releases on February 1st in two editions: A beautiful Digipak with 16 page booklet, plus a highly limited 300 copies only 36 page hardcover 7" artbook designed by Nico J including the 7 track bonus E.P. "Nightrunner" with remixes from Daniel Myer, Rotersand and Encephalon as well as own compositions.

Multi-talented Nico J. is actually an animation designer for software and movies, stemming from South Africa, living in Johannesburg. He has also done graphic design for artists like Seabound, Iris or This Morn' Omina with impressive artwork contributions. Acretongue is the outlet in which his own graphic design ideas and sonic ambitions meld into a fascinating audiovisual realm. His artwork creates mutants, hybrids between man, enemy and plants, and manages to create a surreal background for his sonic ideas.

Acretongue - Requiem






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