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New entry from Sweden with electro pop act Dead Satellites and debut single "Be Gone"!

Coming from the darkest sides of music Dead Satellites debuts with the single "Be Gone"

Dead Satellites introducing themselves to the world with the electro clash, electro pop single "Be Gone", out on April 4th. With its origins in the trailblazers of the new wave of Scandinavian post punk with the band The Exploding Boy and having released several albums and toured around Europe and North America, this new band has a solid foundation to stand on, and a will, power and strength to take their musical journey beyond their past.

"Be Gone" stands in the middle of the modernized new wave, electro pop and the sharpness of post-punk riffs. A strong melody surrounds the emotional tones of the synths featuring the voice of electro artist/producer Kris Sweden who contributed
with some emotional backing vocals. A couple of years ago seh had a big hit together with Niklas Stememo (Kite) and The Mo in the duet ”Nostalgia Locomotive”.


"The Swedish electronic scene never ceases to surprise. Bands like Agent Side Grinder, Kite and Emmon are all breaking records, and the latest newcomer Dead Satellites places themself right at the top of the Nordic mountain of bands".

Dead Satellites comes as another piece of the amazing modern Swedish music scene puzzle that includes names like The Exploding Boy, A Projection, Agent Side Grinder, Kite, Emmon and many more. Dead Satellites is filling up the gap left by major bands from the 80´s, 90´s and 00´s. And this gap is filled with an electronic backbone and beat that is combined with perfectly arranged guitars in a a retrospective soundscape updated to 2023.






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