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Delerium releases new single, "Coast To Coast", out of the new album, "Signs"!

Delerium returns after seven years with the new album, "Signs". "Coast to Coast feat. Phildel" is the first single out of the new album!

The Canadian electronic music pioneer duo, Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber, from the beloved electro-industrial band Front Line Assembly, are back with their ethereal electro project Delerium and a new amazing album titled "Signs", coming out on March 10th, via Metropolis Records.

While the whole album has the characteristics that goes into every album of Delerium, "Signs" it goes deeper into the ethereal sounds while it still keeps the mysticism and the electronic gothicness of the duo and their featured artists. Atmospheric, cinematic, going closely to EDM lines, keeping the sensual parts that turns to danceable moments. With exceptional collaborations in vocals and developing the sound on darkest pop tones that mentioned in its predecessor, "Mythologie", new LP  "Signs" is the second album from Delerium via the US label Metropolis Records. 

"Coast To Coast feat Phildel" is the first single out of "Signs" where we find a new collaboration with the Britsh artist Phildel, a collab that started in "Mythologie" album. Phildel has a voice that perfectly fits the ambience that Leeb and Fulber always want to express through Delerium. Warm, healing vocals in a mid-tempo electronic pop arrangement concludes a pefrect starter for the new album from Delerium.

In "Signs" we find the vocal contributions from exceptional artists like Phildel, Mimi Page, Inna Walters and Kanga. 

"Over the past 35 years, Metropolis recording artists DELERIUM have explored different aspects of electronic music, seemingly traversing a number of elegant genres such as dark ambient, techno, world music and more. DELERIUM's new single "Coast to Coast," offers a slice of their stellar upcoming album entitled "Signs," a masterwork of hypnotic rhythms and enveloping ambience, with stunning female empowered vocal contributions from Mimi Page, Phildel, Inna Walters and Kanga. Each singer's unique voice elevates "Signs," adding levels of aching beauty and romanticism to the wondrous backing of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber, the duo behind the curtain of DELERIUM as well as Front Line Assembly.

"I think ‘Signs’ reflects the full-circle arc of Delerium, from its inception as an experimental project to where we are today.” states Leeb. “Delerium was originally created as a side-project that soon took on a life of its own, taking us on an adventure that no-one could have imagined. So while the times and technology have changed, underpinning it all is our basic human connection to music and the soul of harmony that has evolved as we have moved forward.”

In 2022, Metropolis re-released DELERIUM's entire catalog from 1988 through 1994, now Metropolis Records will be releasing "Signs" on March 10th on very limited edition white vinyl and compact disc as well as all digital and streaming platforms.

Leeb and Fulber initially made their name in the ongoing electronic-industrial group Front Line Assembly, using Delerium as a vehicle for crossover songs with occasional elements of trance that would emerge with 1995’s ‘Semantic Spaces’ and eventually led to massive global chart success five years later with the acclaimed dance pop anthem ‘Silence (featuring Sarah McLachlan)’.

With Front Line Assembly already part of the Metropolis Records roster, Delerium eventually signed to the label in 2016 for the release of ‘Mythologie’, their fourteenth full length album and the predecessor to ‘Signs’."








If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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