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True cult, deathrock band, Batboner, released new EP, "Flaccid"!

Deathrock with goth punk origins from Norway, Batboner release the "Flaccid" EP, out on March 3rd!

There is a band coming from Oslo, Norway carrying the cold ambience and sharing a true death rock experience to the pure dark sound fans. Batboner released their new EP on March 3rd, following the S/T debut album "Batboner" from 2020. Despite their presence and the release of several works, Batboner released their debut album just before 3 years including several of their previous songs along with some recorded for the album.

New EP "Flaccid" comes as a follow-up to "Batboner" with four dark powerful goth punk and death rock songs. Balancing perfectly between the gothic rock sharp guitars and some raw death rock riffs, Batboner gives strong punk-to-surf and garage rock characteristics to their sound. "Light In The Void" fires up the death punk flame with raw punkish drums and beats followed by vintage guitar riffs. "Sketch" was released earlier, in November 2022, as a single, giving the first "taste" of the "Flaccid" EP. Including some more classic elements it balances between surf and goth rock sounds. "Iitch" goes deeper into the gloomy side with more solid riffs and goth attitude. The title track "Flaccid" is coming with diversity in grim euphoria and adventurous dark ambience. 

"Flaccid" is a really interesting death rock 4-track EP from the Oslo Based, Batboner. Batboner moves with ease between their main influences and mixes the goth punk sound with elements from surf rock, psychedelic and garage rock giving their "touch" in the deathrock riffs.

About the EP

"Batboner follows up their debut album with the EP Flaccid. One single, Skretch, was released in November last year as a warning shot and quickly rose to become one of the bands most streamed songs. Now the rest of them are ready to be let out of the cave.

Flaccid is the first EP after long standing drummer Zonetripper left the band, and the title can be viewed as a homage to him, as he always wanted to use it for a release. He lends his drumming to this EP and one more which is in the making.

This EP is more or less written as a cohesive whole. In contrast to the debut album that was a collection of songs written over many years. The goal was to create a more in your face punk feeling and lo-fi esthetic, but the progressive side quickly revealed itself both in the songs themselves and in Yod Amygdala’s production. On Flaccid, as in all of Batboner’s music, there are details that make up the whole and the production is balancing this with the dirt like Justitia herself. Tip the scale to either side and you’ll loose the essence of Batboner.

Flaccid shows the band from a more mature side. Every song is written with a purpose and a vision and nothing is viewed as a filler or some kind of creative try-out that didn’t work.

Yod Amygdala made the compositions upon inspirations from as diverse ingredients as classic deathrock riffing on the thinnest strings, progrock and a tiny bit mariachi (Light In The Void), surf, broad legged rock, The Dillinger Escape Plan and gothguitar (Skretch), Then Comes Silence, country and Opeth (Flaccid), and a sparkle of Molchat Doma. Iitch kind of..just happened. If you can’t hear these influence, it’s fine. They’re only in Yod Amygdala’s head anyway.

Written during the self-imposed exile the lyrics reflect the uncertainty of the new and falling into chaos. Suddenly waking up after a long surreal dream, tattered, and drained, while grasping for a new glimmer of light. Like a flickering single lightbulb, in a dodgy bathroom, it’s all somewhat flaccid. As the Title of the EP vividly states.

Through exploring new techniques and classical training, vocalist and lyricist Floyd wished to push the vocals even further, while maintaining the rawness and chaos of the genre.

About Batboner

«Watching Batboner live is like watching a boss fight in a Japanese role-playing game!» With traditional deathrock aesthetics mixed with psychedelic colors and playfulness, Batboner gives you something different in a genre that is in itself «something different». The music is centered around deathrock, dark punk, gothic rock and postpunk, but takes inspiration from a multitude of genres such as progressive rock, psytrance, black metal and surf. Not everything is apparent in the music but reveals itself in the maximalism, catchyness and overall creative philosophy. Everything that can fit may be used and abused.

Lead composer and guitarist Yod Amygdala aims the music towards both your heart and mind, while lyricist and vocalist Floyd nurtures your soul with haunting and strange fragments of dreams, memories and personal situations. Batboner is completed with Dr Love on bass and is currently in the process of finding a new drummer to replace Zonetripper who has been with the band from the start. Dr. Love makes sure Yod Amygdala’s aim for your heart is accurately pinpointed, with soothing, yet punchy basslines.. Every part of the above is thrown into a cathartic melting-pot. Come find the spark in the dark with Batboner. Come dance your sorrows away."








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