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German goth rockers WISBORG release new single "Words Like Violence"

New single "Words Like Violence" and remix double album "Seconds To The Void" from WISBORG.

German goth rockers WISBORG releases the all new single "Words Like Violence" just in time for their tour with Lord Of The Lost in early February. "Words Like Violence" is coming straight out of their new double remix LP "Seconds To The Void - The Remixes", out on January 27th both on CD and digitally. 

"Words Like Violence" is a powerful gothic rock song with a great amount of sharp post-punk style guitars in an uptempo arrangement. Pure gothic rock sound enriched with a sense of metallic sound. Clear deep vocals from the characteristic voice of Konstantin Michaely, harmonically supported by the backing vocals of Nikolas Eckstein. The music of the German duo is perfectly accompanied by the drum beats of Luc Lacroix, who is also playing the drums in Konstantin's doom metal side project DEATH CULT 69. 

Video art by Paloosa Productions – https://www.paloosaphotographie.de/. Made from fan footage.

"Seconds To The Void - The Remixes" features 18 songs, including two new WISBORG recordings and 16 remixes from bands and artists the band met along the way since 2017. In the first part we find Astari Nite, Blcksmth, Devil-M, Eden Weint Im Grab, Hell Boulevard, Scheuber (ex-Project Pitchfork), The Nightstalker, Then Comes Silence, This Eternal Decay and Wolf X (She Pleasures Herself) with one remix each.

The second part features six remixes by the Dutch witch house artist Noire Antidote and two exclusive bonus tracks: the Madonna cover “Burning Up” and the brand new WISBORG original song "Words Like Violence", which the band is going to perform live at their upcoming shows with Lord Of The Lost as well. "Seconds To The Void – The Remixes" is up for preorder on wisborg.bandcamp.com exclusively!










If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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