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Premiere: The Mystic Underground releases new single and video, "Digital"

The Mystic Underground returns with the new single and official video "Digital"

The Brooklyn based cold, synthpop duo announce their new label, ReMission Entertainment and the all new single "Digital", coming out on Friday, December 16th. Consisting of Benedetto Socci and Vladimir Valette, The Mystic Underground are in the making of their new album, coming out in 2023. 

"Digital" unveils a new perspective in the duo's sound going deeper into the 80's electro pop influences. Standing upon their solid tunes and the retro synth, dance and new wave arrangements The Mystic Underground manage to create a dancefloor-track balancing in the synth lines of Benedetto Socci and the beautiful voice of Vladimir Valette.

"Moody. Driving. Buoyant. Synth and sass. Brooklyn synthpop outfit The Mystic Underground return to prove that electronic music can be thought-provoking, immensely compelling and seductively danceable thus creating an intoxicating sound.

Inheriting a love of classic alternative bands such as the Smiths, David Bowie and NewOrder fusedwith a love of Britpop, dance and industrial, The Mystic Underground are quite the eclectic duo comprised of singer/songwriterVladimir Valette and keyboardist/producer Benedetto Socci. Finding their way in the early days of the last decade,the band would soon forge their identity in the international synthpop community at large. The duo’s last album, 2020’s “Wrapped In Riddles” was released to great acclaim from several prominent synthpop blogs likePost-Punk.com, Side-Line and SynthpopFanaticwhilstalso receiving substantial play on internet and college radio.

A new year in 2023 brings new perspectives, new hopes, new beginnings. It also will bring a new record. As yet untitled, the new full-length will continue the band’s mission to fill the dancefloor, storm the charts, move the feet and touch the heart.

“Life... set to a dance beat”"

 The song is about someone looking absolution through digital confirmation, building a life of fake happiness and ending with social rejection. A situation that is a common thing for many people and a cause for the loss of communication and being with friends. 


“Digital is a tune that was imagined as a bit of a groovy number that channeled some of our influences in Detroit House and stuff like Lisa Stansfield, Cathy Dennis or the Pet Shop Boys etc.. I don’t think we’d ever gone down this road previously but it’s always been our aim to try to keep people guessing and more importantly to keep ourselves of the mind of pushing things forward. The best way to describe Digital from a lyrical standpoint would be the sound of feeling love struck and lovelorn and how that translates into the lengths we go to in order to fill the void in the new Roaring Twenties as it were.”  -Vladimir Valette

Written by Benedetto Socci/Vladimir Valette

Produced by The Mystic Underground

Filmed by William Murray

Featuring Cherry Fu and Stefan Bandic

"Digital" available here: https://remissionentertainment.bandcamp.com/track/digital








If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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