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WISBORG, a gothic rock phenomenon. An interview with the promising duo.

WISBORG is a band that shook the silent waters of gothic rock scene.

WISBORG is a duo from Germany which, with their music, became rapidly known in the post-punk, dark wave, gothic scene. WISBORG formed back in 2017 and consists of Konstantin Michaely (vocals, guitars, piano, synths, programming) and Nikolas Eckstein (backing vocals, guitars, piano, synths, programming). The duo from Germany started creating music with a deep dark and haunting mood including elements from their music influences. 

They are inspired of the 80's and 90's gothic rock and dark wave style and bands like Sisters of Mercy, Type-O-Negative. They were, quickly, found from the legendary Danse Macabre records and In April 2018 released their first full length album, "The Tragedy of Seconds Gone". The Impact of WISBORG and their album was huge and that brought the duo to the first line of the most promising bands. The reaction to "The Tragedy of Seconds Gone" was an absolute success and as a result WISBORG had a busy summer, performing live in various events, like Wave Gotik Treffen and Autumn Moon and playing shows with bands like Das Ich and She Past Away.

This March, on 29th, and not even a year after their first album, WISBORG releases the second full length album, "From The Cradle to The Coffin" where we can listen to the beautiful sound of their music along with one of the best new voices in gothic rock scene. There is also an official lyric video of the track "Spirits That I Called" released prior to the album, giving a taste of what will follow (you can watch it below, after the interview).  WISBORG's sound is still rooted in the post-punk and dark wave of the eighties, but it is way more experimental and modern than before and features more electronic elements. The Sisters Of Mercy meet Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative and Muse – sometimes even more contemporary bands like The Soft Moon or IAMX.

ElektroSpank | FMA had the pleasure to speak with WISBORG, few days before the release of "From The Cradle to The Coffin" and this chat is really interesting. The duo have spoken about the two albums, their love to gothic rock and the future plans...

ES: Hi Wisborg. Not even a year since your first release and the second album "From the Cradle to the Coffin" is out. Before telling us all the details, would you like to introduce yourselves to our readers. Can you tell us something about you and WISBORG?

Nikolas: We actually just started Wisborg in early 2017. Konstantin and me are good friends for a pretty long time already, and after some less productive musical steps in other bands and projects, we decided to start something new on our own. This month, our second album will be released.

ES: In April 2018 you released your first album, "The Tragedy of Seconds Gone". A great debut album, in my opinion, which was received with beautiful comments from both media and fans. How do you feel about this? What was the feedback you had on the first album?

Nikolas: We were very overwhelmed by the reactions, at first we didn't even plan to record in a studio or release an entire album. We just wrote some songs in my apartment which worked out quite good. That made us decide to record the music professionally. We just did everything for ourselves, for the fun. Seeing how much the people actually liked what we are doing was a pleasant surprise.

ES: In "The Tragedy of Seconds Gone" someone can see various influences of heavy gothic rock, darkwave/post-punk names. Even from more electro bands considering the synth riffs included. I could name a few but would you like to tell us which are those influences? What bands inspired you the most?

Nikolas: We have some favorite bands in common, but sometimes our influences differ from each other. Most of the time, people hear influences from The Sisters Of Mercy and Type O Negative for example. We both love these bands, but from the beginning we just wrote what came to our minds.

Konstantin: Influences come from various directions, from pop to black metal.

ES: In the lyrics we find really emotional lines filled with love, but not only. Which are your influences lyric-wise? Do you get inspired from real life events and experiences?

Konstantin: Usually, I get inspiration for my lyrics from things I experienced or feelings I had. Then I generalize the topics, make them more abstract and and put them to words.

ES: When was that point in your life that you decide that you want be involved with the music and especially dark, gothic rock, and be a member of a band?

Nikolas: This started early, my father was involved with music since he played in a band when I was a kid and so it became some part of my identity. I started to like darker music when I was around 17 maybe, but Wisborg is my first gothy music project. Before that I played bass in a progressive metal and depressive black metal band.

Konstantin: My parents are classically trained musicians, I grew up in a very musical household and never wanted to do anything else. I also played in other bands before Wisborg; alternative, doom and black metal, but never anything goth.

ES: A new album now. "From the Cradle to the Coffin". Can you tell us some thing about this album which has just been released? What can we expect from "From the Cradle to the Coffin"?

Nikolas: Well, the people that liked the first album will surely like the second as well. The arrangements are similar, but we went deeper into songwriting, so the songs are a little bit more complex. We tried not to repeat ourselves while also not losing our signature sound.

ES: There was a video release of "Spirits That I Called" and gothic rock fans had the chance to have a taste of the new album. I think this track has a beautiful sound along with really good lyrics. How did the fans reacted on that "appetizer"? Do you have any feedback?

Nikolas: Thank you very much. So far, we haven't got any negative feedback, which, of course, makes us very happy.

ES: "From the Cradle to the Coffin" is out now. What will be the next moves of WISBORG? Are there any plans for the future? Any promotional actions, tour or concerts for the new album?

Nikolas: We just finished filming the first music video and will play a special CD release show in Hanover in the club we played our first concert. In June we'll play a small tour in Germany with Age Of Heaven and Still Patient?.

Konstantin: We are also playing our first concerts in other countries than Germany this year. Switzerland, Great Britain and the Netherlands are confirmed, lets see what else can be arranged. We would love to come to Greece as well.

ES: You are coming from a country with history in gothic rock and darkwave music. How do you see this scene now? In your country and in Europe, generally?

Nikolas: I really appreciate the comeback of 80's post-punk and dark wave sounds, there are many very interesting bands within that movement. People begin to start mixing different genres with each other and especially more independent bands bring fresh air into the scene. But I can only tell for Germany.

ES: What does Konstantin and Nikolas do in the free time? Do you listen to any music? Is there something that you have listened lately and you loved it?

Nikolas: Recently I started bouldering, but Wisborg claims most of my time besides my everyday job. I love to rummage for interesting bands, the genre doesn't matter, I could listen to nearly anything that somehow speaks to me. Not so long ago I discovered Lapis Exilis from Germany, very well made goth and wave influenced alternative rock. Also Mother's Cake, a progressive rock band vom Austria; I could listen to them all day.

Konstantin: My current favorites are Silent Runners from the Netherlands, Cursed Moon from the US and Slaegt from Denmark.

ES: I think you've chosen a really good name for the band and both albums have a beautiful and unique artwork. Can you tell us how did you end up with WISBORG as a name and how do you choose the artwork theme?

Konstantin: Wisborg is the fictional city from the German silent movie “Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror”. It just fits the dark romantic themes and the overall sound of our music. The artwork of the first album is by German graphics designer Melting Moons, the cover of “From The Cradle To The Coffin” is a collaboration between Melting Moons and Irrwisch art design.

ES: Would you like to say something else to gothic rock and WISBORG fans? Anything you would like to share with us?

Nikolas: Just thank you for all the appreciation, it means a lot to us. I hope there is the opportunity to play in Greece one day.

Konstantin: It's a fantastic thing that you guys care for what we're doing. Big love from Germany!

Thank you very much. I wish you all the best in your lifes and in your music. Looking forward to hear from you again and to see you perform live. Perhaps, even in Greece...!!!

WISBORG - Spirits That I Called (Official Lyric Video)







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