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NEXUS returns after 16 years with "The Words That Got Away" feat. MGT

Greek industrial-goth pioneers return with a new single, featuring MGT (Mark Gemini Thwaite). 

Mike Pougounas awakens his well-known project, NEXUS, with a strong post-punk single, "The Words That Got Away", out since December, 12th. With a compact dark, post-punk arrangement and the sharp guitars, NEXUS unveils the first sounds out of the upcoming album, "Ninouki". 16 years since their last release, the greek industrial-goth band comes with a melodic, captivating and emotional song, expressing the need to believe in one's strength.

MIke Pougounas first appeared on stage with a rock band in 1978 at the age of 13. He formed Flowers of Romance in 1981, and after a number or live shows, appeared in the 1997 Rockwave Festival, along with the Sisters of Mercy and the New Model Army. A year and a half later, and after releasing three studio albums, Dorian Gray (1990) Pleasure. and the Pain (1993) Brilliant Mistakes (1996), Flowers of Romance disbanded.

MIke formed NEXUS in 1999 to experiment with new sounds, while in 2005, and after four albums,  6 (2000), Cybernaut (2001), Wrapped in Cellophane (2002), The Beat Syndicate (2004), he decided to freeze the band and in 2006 formed New Zero God.

But Mike Pougounas is not alone in this return. "The Words That Got Away" brings the collaboration of Mike with MGT who has taken care of the guitars, mastering and production. Mike and Mark met some years ago, when MGT was playing the guitars for THE MISSION. MGT is a well-known and experienced musician and producer, having worked together with some of the major names and artists in underground, alternative scene, like Tricky, Peter Murphy, Gary Numan, Ville Vallo (Him), Al Jourgensen (Ministry) while he has released his own work.

Additionally NEXUS's new single features another Greek musician, Louis Kontoulis, from the legendary punk-rock band STRESS, with his trumpet, while the video for "The Words That Got Away" directs, the award-winner photographer, Panos Skordas (The Art Asylum).






If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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