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Kill Shelter meets Antipole in "A Haunted Place"! New single and album out in March!

Pete Burns and Karl Morten Dahl join forces and release "A Haunted Place" full length album, out on March 26th. 

 Kill Shelter returns with a new full length album and a new collaboration. Scotish dark wave project works together with the Antipole from Denmark for the next album, coming out via Manic Depression Records, on March.

The darkness of Pete Burns's sound is coming back, this time enriched with the Scandinavian cold guitar riffs of Antipole's, Karl Morten Dahl. 

Described "as dark euphoric melancholy, this highly emotive album deals with personal themes of loss, addiction, isolation and remorse and is packed with angst-ridden highs and introspective lows."

Kill Shelter offers a "taste" out of the "A Haunted Place" with the release of the first single and video, "Raise The Skies". Dark and cold as expected with an elegant touch of gothic rock sounds. A track definitely close to Pete Burns's debut album, "Damage", holding a cold ambience with a darkest attitude. 

While in "Damage" vocals were performed by guests, in "Raise The Skies", Pete Burns is behind the mic and his voice is perfectly bound to the goth, dark wave concept of his music. Lyric-wise, "Raise The Skies" focuses on the distress reality about humanity.

"The song deals with a poignant truth about human existence. It’s the dichotomy between the celebration of life and the certainty of death and deals with the perspective of outliving, or being outlived, by someone you care for deeply."

Kill Shelter and Antipole have worked together again for one of the best tracks out of "Damage", "In Decay".

"Having worked together on various projects since 2018, Kill Shelter and Antipole decided to join forces after meeting up in Cologne at the Cold Transmission Festival in 2019. Those initial conversations paved the way for an album that digs deep into the human psyche."

"A Haunted Place" will be out in limited editions vinyl and CD and is available for pre-order here: 












If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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