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Ash Code releases new single, "Fear", out of the same titled EP.

Ash Code, "Fear" EP is coming out on March, 19th, with remixes by Clan Of Xymox and Molchat Doma!

 Ash Code has been established as one of the main acts of the modern dark wave, cold wave post punk sound. The Italian trio is back with a new EP, coming out on March 19th, titled Fear. "Fear" is coming with three new songs and three remixes of the same titled track, by Clan of Xymox, Molchat Doma and Forever Grey. 

"Fear" has been released as a single accompanied with a video and it is a song with an uptempo dark wave, dark synth sound expressing the melancholic emotions of the band and representing the strange times we live in. 

After all, Ash Code had to change their plans after the global pandemic , cancelling their tour plans, while  a new almost finished LP was trashed because it didn’t fit with the reality of the moment. The band dived into negative mood, during the lockdown months, stayed home mostly, and creating a series of online charity initiatives: the first made at home and then a series of online festivals gathering all the band from the international darkwave / goth scene called Gothicat Festivals.

After spending the summer in Naples(South of Italy), the band established a new connection with the place they live in and found inspiration again to write new songs.

The video for "Fear" was directed by Elio Nubes De Filippo who comments on it.

“The video was inspired by the first experimental techniques of horizontal editing, a tribute to the great artists experimentation on film such as Armand Sabattier and Man Ray, pioneers of the solarization of the image, and Zbigniew Rybczyński.

A layering of images create unique and almost unpredictable effects in their interaction, an overlap of thoughts, memories, desires and synaesthesia that our mind has been forced to accumulate in a period we never dreamed of living: the lockdown.

The chromatic contrast created by the director of photography Jessica Squillante, inspired by the colors of Andy Warhol’s screenprints, tends to emphasize with bright and unnatural colors a theme that is actually sad and oppressive, as in a natural mental defense mechanism.” 

"Fear" EP will be out on CD, black vinyl and red vinyl (sold out) edition and is available for preorder here







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