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Vaselyne releases dark ballad, "Waiting To Exhale"!

Dark alternative ballad from the Dutch duo, Vaselyne, "Waiting To Exhale", released on January 15th!

Vaselyne unveiled their new single and video, "Waiting To Exhale", taken from their upcoming EP and album. Vaselyne is the result of the beautiful collaboration between Yvette Winkler as the singer with her ethereal vocals, and Frank Weyzig, a composer who is known for his contribution in Clan Of Xymox's early years and 4AD era, with their amazing same titled debut released in 1985. 

"Waiting To Exhale" is the first sample of the new work, coming up. A song that is a trip to mysticism and sadness. Dark ethereal melodies with a piano play that creates the cold ambience from the first note. Yvette Winkler's voice express the melancholic moments of "Waiting To Exhale". A sense of something that needs to be left behind and move forward. The piano is accompanied by a beautiful violin sound and the whole arrangement brings a compact sound and composition.

With a touch of some classical mood, and influenced by the darker side of psychedelic rock bands, like Porcupine Tree the result makes you want to listen more from the Vaselyne's new music which includes collaborations with Lynette Cerezo from Bestial Mouths, Searmanas, John Fryer ( Black Needle Noise, NIN, Prayers, This Mortal Coil and HIM) and Michael Alliani from Chiron/Ikon.

The video for this track was made by Dutch filmmaker Dorothee Meddens. In 2021 the full album will also see the light of day. Additionally, Vaselyne intends to hit the road again in 2021 with a new live band.

Vaselyne consists of Dutch singer Yvette Winkler and Dutch musician and producer Frank Weyzig. A mutual artistic curiosity gave birth to their VASELYNE project in the spring of 2011. 

Both members have a track record that speaks for itself. Yvette Winkler was co-founder of Dutch band "Sea of Souls" (2006). You can listen to her vocal work on Pieter Nooten's album "Here is Why" (2010), for which she sang some of the lead- and backing vocals. Frank Weyzig is a Dutch producer, composer and band member, who apart from his contribution to the original line-up for "Clan of Xymox", his work includes the indie new wave band "Born For Bliss".








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