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ElektroSpank | FMA turns 2 years old! Join our celebration!

Wear your creepiest mask and make a video for us!

A year ago, when our "liitle" project here became one year old, we had an idea of creating a video with some of the bands and partners, wishing ElektroSpank happy 1st anniversary and happy birthday. You can see the result below. It was an amazing moment for us and with such a huge contribution from the most of the bands, friends and partners that were invited.

This year, while we were planning a bigger celebration, we had to change our plans due to Covid19 restrictions and social distancing measures. However, we still want to keep this fire on and, this time, we invite all of you, the fans, friends, readers and followers to create your own little, "happy birthday" video and submit it ElektroSpank | FMA. 

We would love to see your faces (even with a mask) and we would like to watch and listen to your warm wishes. From a simple "Happy birthday" wish to whatever you would like to tell us (just keep it short!)!

So, wear your creepiest mask, your gothiest make-up, your darkest outfit, find the best spot for you and just press "rec". Send us your message and you will be in our second anniversary video. Video will be online, not earlier than December 9th, 2020. Submissions deadline is on Friday, November 20th!

If you wish to be a part of our celebration submit your video at the following email address:


We can't wait to see you on screen!!!

We are so happy to be considered as family from all of you. We love each one of you and you are in our hearts and belong to our great dark family.

Please watch the amazing last year's video. All bands, artists, friends that contributed are listed below, along with the people who created the music for the video and edited all submissions to have this excellent result.

ElektroSpank | FMA - Online Music Magazine 1st year anniversary/birthday wishes from friends, bands and artists! This is a video of Elektrospank's friends wishing happy birthday for our webzine's first year anniversary. One year after the relaunch of ElektroSpank magazine. One year, where a lot of new memories and good moments passed. One year with a lot of new music... Really good music. One year in which we met many talented people and we made some really good friends. And most important, one year with an amazing support from all the music fans, supporters and followers! THANK YOU! You are the strength that pushes us to continue this magazine!!!


Thanks to the following participants in the video:

Sonsombre - https://www.facebook.com/SonsombreUS/

Human - https://www.facebook.com/humanbandfr/

Convex Model - https://www.facebook.com/convexmodel/

Cold Remembrance - https://www.facebook.com/ColdRemembrance/

Burning Gates - https://www.facebook.com/Burning.Gates.To/

Siberia - https://www.facebook.com/SiberiaBandEU/

Antipole - https://www.facebook.com/antipoleband/

A Projection - https://www.facebook.com/antipoleband/

The Coventry - https://www.facebook.com/Thecoventry

Grabyourface - https://www.facebook.com/grabyourface/

HAPAX - https://www.facebook.com/grabyourface/

Moris Blak - https://www.facebook.com/morisblakaudio/

The Faces of Sarah - https://www.facebook.com/thefacesofsarah/

Still Patient? - https://www.facebook.com/stillpatient/

Anima Triste - https://www.facebook.com/AnimaTristeOfficial/

Grey Gallows - https://www.facebook.com/Grey-Gallows-band-138384996740165/

Marva von Theo - https://www.facebook.com/marvavontheo/

NOIR - https://www.facebook.com/NOIRmetropolis/

Push Button Press - https://www.facebook.com/pushbuttonpress/

Sjoblom / The Exploding Boy - https://www.facebook.com/sjoblomofficial

Andreas Herrmann / Suzy Herrmann (Cold Transmission) - https://www.facebook.com/coldtransmissionmusic/

Tomb of Love - https://www.facebook.com/TombofLove93/

Massive Ego - https://www.facebook.com/massiveego/

Ken Magerman (Sounds and Shadows, Amaranth) - https://www.facebook.com/Soundsandshadows

Violaine (El Garaje De Frank) - https://www.facebook.com/elgarajedefrank

S Y Z Y G Y X - https://www.facebook.com/syzygyxmusic/

The Colours of Silence - https://www.facebook.com/thecoloursofsilence/

Lefki Symfonia (Λευκή Συμφωνία) - https://www.facebook.com/lefkisymphonia/

Ego Eris - https://www.facebook.com/egoeris/


Music by Marcus Nati (Bring Her) https://www.facebook.com/bringherbringher/


Video Editing Press Eject And Give Me The Tape https://www.facebook.com/pressejectandgivemethetape/


Video ©ElektroSpank - FMA | Online Music Magazine (www.elektrospank.com)


If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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About ElektroSpank - FMA - Online Music Magazine

ElektroSpank FMA is an online music magazine about the darkest side of our lives.

We write about Gothic, industrial, dark wave and all of their sub genres. ElektroSpank FMA is not only about music, but for the dark, Gothic lifestyle as well. We try to support the music and scenes we love. For those who have never heard about ElektroSpank before please visit our about page for more info and history.

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