Video Premiere: BARA HARI releases new official video clip for "Hall Of Mirrors", on Friday, August 21st.

The dark theatrical project, BARA HARI, unveils the new official video for "Hall Of Mirrors", on Friday, August 21st!

BARA HARI is the DIY solo project of Samantha Franco. The multi-talented artist released an amazing EP, "Pandora's Box", in June 19th. "Pandora's Box" EP is a collection of strong emotions and feelings, personal experiences, all expressed with the theatrical, gothic ambience created by Samantha Franco, matched with dark electronics and dark wave sounds. Six tracks, completed into those strange times we are all live into, this period, but most important, it came out of some difficult personal moments that Samantha was facing. 

"Hall of Mirrors" is one of the most powerful songs, while being emotional, as well. The song itself, speaks about someone's trumped-up, almost obsessive need of sharing every moment of his/her life through social media and the will to customize some parts of life in order to be socially accepted. The video includes footage recorded in Samantha's living room due to the restrictions imposed because of pandemic. Using a green screen there is a play between two characters and lots o f colors.

Watch the video for "Hall Of Mirrors" on Friday, August 21st, and read what BARA HARI comments here:

"Hall of Mirrors" was written about society's obsession with the glamour of social media and the upholding of mystique by people in the public eye. To me, the constant need to document and share the banal happenings of daily life make it feel like we are constantly surrounded by our own reflections.

I was thinking a lot about the correlation between depression/anxiety and the constant bombardment of photos portraying the ideal life that so many people perfectly curate for the sake of their followings. I was also advised in the past by some people in the industry not to "be too open" online and it got me thinking about how the constant editing of one's self in order to cater to an audience often compromises the authenticity of a person and their art.
This video was shot on a shoestring budget in my living room by my partner in front of a green screen due to the pandemic. I originally wanted to either build a small set or find a location but I feel that the circumstances forced me to get more creative with what I could do. I wanted there to be two contrasting personalities in the video and lots of color. One is a lot more playful and whimsical while the other is a darker, more menacing, yet still glamorous personality. A lot of my editing was a series of happy accidents but I am pretty happy with how it turned out."



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