Video Premiere: ZWAREMACHINE presents the new official video for " IEYEI(Planktoon Remix)"

ZWAREMACHINE unveils new video for "IEYEI(Planktoon Remix)", out from "Be A Light (Special Edition)"!

ZWAREMACHINE reissued their debut full length album, in June 9th, 2020, as "Be A Light (Special Edition)". Out of the "Be A Light (Special Edition)", today we present you the new official video for "IEYEI(Planktoon Remix)". "IEYEI(Planktoon Remix)" re-creates one of the most characteristic tracks of the album, turning it into a classic old school, minimal industrial songs, able to make you dance in the dark, smoky ambience of an industrial dancefloor, while keeping the mysticism and the, second wave, industrial soundscapes of the original.

"IEYEI(Planktoon Remix)" video, greatly, matches with the sound of the trio from Mineapollis, since it expresses all the hypnotic mood of the dark electronic tunes and riffs of D-bot, the uptempo minimalistic, industrial beats of Dein Offiizier, combined with the haunted, distorted vocals and lyrics of Mach Fox, while being perfectly mixed by Planktoon. 

ZWAREMACHINE is one of the bands that keeps all the strength of some of the old school and second wave industrial acts and they were immediately spotted as one of the promising dark electro, minimal EBM main and great bands. "Be A Light" had been a powerful debut album, getting even deeper in the hard electronics and the 80's industrial influenced sounds with the release of a special edition.

"Be A Light (Special Edition)" includes an additional track “Remain Unseen” and 5 remixes. These mid period recordings setting the foundation of Minimal Hypnotic Industrial BodyMusic for the band and the addition of select remixes by Planktoon, Aim&Execute and Audiocentesis foreshadow the future.

The decision to have a minimal approach to the songs on Be A Light was about having spaces to let the reverb decay and that is why slower tempos on this album were chosen. ZWAREMACHINE tried to maintain a tight focus on the sounds used and have driving bass-lines and hard quantized drum machines be the prominent part of each track. A lot of the sonic choices for drums and synth sound design were also a nod to the early ’80s pioneers of EBM and electronic music, but with a more modern approach for the mixing and mastering.

ZWAREMACHINE members are Mach FoX - vocals/synth, D-bot - bass guitar/vocals, Dein Offizier - drums/percussion

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