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New video for German dark wave / post-punk, PAAR.

PAAR releases new lyric video for their song "Modern"

Almost two months after the release of their debut album, "Die Notwendigkeit der Notwendigkeit", the German trio unveils the lyric video of one of the most emotional tracks taken from this album, "Modern".

"Modern" is about the need to reborn ourselves and the need to grow to someone new, while forgiving and believing. Music-wise, "Modern" is one piece of a beautiful sound puzzle, expressing the dark emotions and combined with several influences. PAAR use elements from shoegaze acts, electronic and synthpop keyboards but their main characteristic is their focus to the sharp post-punk guitars and the dark wave melodies, emotional stories and melancholic mood.

"Die Notwendigkeit der Notwendigkeit" released in March 20th and from Grzegorzki Records. It is the first album for the German three piece band, consisting of Ly Nguyen in vocals, Rico Sperl and Matthias Zimmerman. Gust vocals in "Modern" by "Modern" Grotto Terrazza.

Directed by Sebastian Dominic Auer
D.O.P. & edited by Sebastian Dominic Auer

Produced by DAS DIKTAT

Watch MODERN on Vimeo












If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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