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World Goth Day Stream & Gothicat festival | May 23rd | 28 DJs | 11 Countries | Red Cross fund raising

Geisterwelt team will be spinning the greatest gothic tunes in World Goth Day Stream Event, Saturday, May 23rd!

On May 22nd, is the annual anniversary for all Gothic Music lovers and fans. It is the anniversary for everyone that loves to listen to the darkest sides of music and is excited with all the gothic culture, attitude and lifestyle.

One year ago ElektroSpank | FMA organized the first World Goth Day event in Athens, Greece with huge success, in the legendary Second Skin club. The event was accompanied with an article in our magazine, The Waves Of Gothic and a mixed set that can be found in our mixcloud page, Get Your Goth On - The Waves of Gothic | World Goth Day 2019 or listen here..


This year we are really glad and proud for our friends and partners, Geisterwelt team, Thomas Karigas and Marlen Moisidou, since they are included in an amazing online event, on the occasion of this year's World Goth Day anniversary, representing Greece! For more than 16 hours Geisterwelt and 27 DJs from around the world will stream their sets for home goth dancing! Find the complete line-up in the end of this words. Additionally there is a fundraising for the International Committee of the Red Cross to support the battle against the corona virus.

Read below the press release and find the details for the World Goth Day Stream & Gothicat festival #3, happenning on May 23rd!

23 May 2020

World Goth Day began when two UK DJ's decided to see just how far they could take the idea of getting people to celebrate their scene. Little did they know that they'd created a monster when they set it loose into the world and today it has become an established event, bringing people together from around the world on (or around) the 22nd of May each year.
It has had coverage in such well known publications as The Observer and The Guardian in the UK, the LA Times in the US, Rolling Stone talked about it and even CNN has covered it. A version of Angry Birds had a World Goth Day level, and even the NME took it seriously. This year it celebrates it's tenth birthday and in doing so will bring together 28 worldwide DJ's, from 11 countries, for one live stream event. It will begin at midday in the UK, pausing at 9pm for the Gothicat festival event, and continue afterwards. Altogether over sixteen hours of goth and post punk music streamed live during this trying time that the world currently faces. During the event it will also be raising money for a charity supporting the fight against Covid-19 through donation.

Please join us on the day at:

More info can be found on www.worldgothday.com or perhaps join more than two hundred thousand people on the facebook page:



World Goth Day Stream

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of World Goth Day in these difficult times, we are doing a live stream event that spans the world and is wrapped around Gothicat Festival#3 // Live Stream so you won't have to miss that one!

We have 28 DJs from 11 countries providing you with a total of 16 and a half hours of music to dance to at home!

Additionally, we are raising funds for the International Committee of the Red Cross to support the battle against the corona virus.


The times that Facebook displays here are in Central European time, a timetable with various timezones is in the comments in the event's FB page!


DJ Spooky Shaz - Melbourne, Australia
DJ Poisondwarf (Lyle) - Brisbane, Australia
DJ Xerstorkitte- Sydney, Australia
DJ Aytakk (Joe Tobin) - Adelaide, Australia
DJ Vilkas (Craig) - Edinburgh, Scotland
DJ nAo12xu (Naohiro) - Tokyo, Japan
Dj Exploding Boy - Fashioи Bizarre - Lisbon, Portugal
DJ BatBoy Slim - Shropshire, UK
DJ Catnip (Danse Macabre) - Glasgow, Scotland
DJ Statische Monotonie - Bordeaux, France
DJ Gianfranco Grotesque (Grotesque Modena) - Modena, Italy
DJ Marc Zimmermann (Lunaland / lunastrom.org) - Munich, Germany
DJBen - London, UK
DJ Polina Y - Brugge, Belgium
DJ Mortasha Kinski - London, UK
DJ Dragnet - Almere, Netherlands
Dj Blackdeath 1334 (Francesca) - London, UK
DJ martin oldgoth - Colchester, UK
DJ Rickbats (Rick) - San Antonio, Texas, USA
DJ Marlen Moisidou & DJ Silentorder (Geisterwelt Djteam) - Nuremberg, Germany
DJ Cyberpagan - Braunschweig, Germany
DJ Detra - San Antonio, Texas, USA
DJ William Faith - Chicago, Illinois, USA
DJ Scary Lady Sarah - Chicago, Illinois, USA
DJ Sean Templar - New York City, USA
DJ Ivy Silence (Cliff and Ivy) - Anchorage, Alaska, USA
DJ Dave Bats (Release The Bats) - Long Beach, California, USA

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