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Lefki Symphonia announces official release date for the new album, "San Ton Ilio / Like The Sun"

The return of a legend has been officially announced, March 27th!

Lefki Symphonia, the legendary post-punk, dark wave, dark rock band from Greece returns with their 5th full length album. This march on the 27th, the new songs from Lefki Symphonia will be released, in the "San Ton Ilio / Like The Sun" album.

"San Ton Ilio / Like The Sun" has been long expected since the ban's reunion in 2017 and after some really successful concerts throughout these years. The Greek post-punks have been creating, writing and even performing new work in their shows, and now the time has come for their work to be officially released.

The album contains 10 compositions:

Mehri Ton Thanato/Until Death

Me Mia Kravgi/With A Scream

Mavro Fos/Black Light

Dream Within A Dream

Svise Ta Ihni/Erase The Signs

San Ton Ilio/ Like The Sun

Hronia Siopila/Silent Years



Eki Pu O Anemos Rotai Gia Esena/There Where The Wind Is Asking For You

Lefki Symphonia talked to us about the new album in the conversation we had, some days ago, and prior to their live appearance in DeathDisco MiniFest 2k20, where they played the legendary debut album, "Mistikoi Kipoi". An extract of what they told us:

"...The album itself with the same title will be finished during the next days. It will be comprised of ten songs. It was recorded and engineered by Ektoras Tsolakis at hd.factory and at Soundflakes Recording Studios. It is produced by Ektoras Tsolakis and the band. We put the finishing touches at the time, finishing mixing and then mastering it. Digitally it will be out at the end of February. The LP and CD will be out on March by Labyrinth Of Thoughts and The Lab Records. A Greek tour in spring and our participation in the summer festivals are also planned. At the time, we rehearse material out from the original first version of our first album ‘’Mistiki Kipi/Secret Gardens’’ plus some of the unreleased before songs that were added to the vinyl reissue of 2019.We also plan to start working on a new third video to promote  the new album and the concerts in spring...."

You can read this really interesting interview here... Lefki Symphonia, underground spirit and the dark essence of the lyrics and music | Interview.

Lefki Symphonia has, already, unveiled the two first singles out from "San Ton Ilio / Like The Sun" with official video releases. The first one is "Mehri Ton Thanato/Until Death" which stated and made clear that the band is back with a lot of new elements in their sound, perfectly blended with their dark 80's essence and characteristics that made the audience love them. Emotional, dark wave / post-punk, with strong but melodic guitar riffs and basslines, powerful beats and the voice of Thodoris Dimitriou.


The second single is the same titled "San Ton Ilio/ Like The Sun" and is another proof that Lefki Symphonia carries all the legacy of 80's dark sound and post-punk and builds upon it, a new elegant greek dark, post punk sound. A beautiful post-punk arrangement with the exceptional sharp guitar riffs of Kostas Michalos and lyrics  inspired by a romantic Greek poet, Romos Filyras, and his poem "Δεν Έφτασα Ψηλά" (Den Eftasa Psila).

 We are looking forward to the new album and the new songs!

"....The new tracks perfectly serve the band's dark wave - post punk style in a very contemporary way. The band also incorporates melancholic and atmospheric soundscapes with psychedelic and progressive colors .The 2 singles released (Mehri Ton Thanato/Until Death & San Ton Ilio/ Like The Sun) have been widely accepted by the fans and the new album has been awaited for months now. A release that stands without any effort, right next to the group's previous gems, which were so decisive for the Greek independent and dark scene...."

Lyrics: Theodoros Dimitriou
Dream Within A Dream:Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe
San Ton Ilio/ Like The Sun: Theodoros Dimitriou/Poetry of Romos Filiras (I Did Not Rise Up High)

Music: Theodoros Dimitriou/Diogenis Chatzistefanidis
Mehri Ton Thanato/Until Death and Minima/Message music by Theodoros Dimitriou

Arranged by Lefki Symphonia

Theodoros Dimitriou(vocals)
Kostas Mihalos (guitar)
Diogenis Chatzistefanidis(bass)
Vangelis Tsimplakis(drums)

Recording, mixing, mastering: hector.d
Band Photos;Kanella Klimatsida
Cover,Artwork: Melanie Merges Dimitriou

Released by Labyrinth of Thoughts records & The Lab records on March 27th, in 3 editions:
200 copies in silver vinyl
300 copies in black vinyl
200 copies on digipack cd
All editions are accompanied by extensive inlays with lyrics in Greek and English.


Lefki Symphonia: https://lefkisymphonia.gr/

Labyrinth of Thoughts records: https://labyrinthofthoughts.gr

The Lab records: https://www.thelabtshirtathens.com/the-lab-records/

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