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The Sea at Midnight releases "Melancholia", on February 21st!

The Sea At Midnight releases the second single, "Melancholia"!

One month ago a beautiful new song from a really interesting project landed in my inbox. It, immediately, triggered my ears and I listened to it several times. It was the first single from The Sea At Midnight, "Medicine", that arrived in my email, and it made my evening back then after a rather difficult day.

Now, I am really happy to see the progress The Sea At Midnight have made, and the second single "Melancholia" is coming out, on February 21st. 

"Melancholia" keeps these strong elements that made the first single, "Medicine", to be noticed, but there is, an even stronger, performance in the emotions that The Sea At Midnight expresses through their music. Also, "Melancholia" holds the beautiful Cure-influenced guitar riffs throughout the whole arrangement. The cold waves are being strengthen from those sharp guitar's sounds and the melodic synths.

Dark and cold, as a whole, "Melancholia" could be brought from a cold night back in the 80's. A song that could stand in the new romantics era, and could be the melody of many romantic souls. Melancholic, emotional, deep and atmospheric song, with dark aesthetics, with glances to post-punk rhythms and riffs. A beautiful outburst, comes right in the middle of this melody followed by the cold serenity of the guitars and bass lines, which along with the drum beats guiding us to the end of "Melancholia".

"Melancholia" is just the second sample we have from The Sea At Midnight and one thing is certain. The LA, California based project of the songwriter and singer, Vince Grant will, definitely, give us a lot of good melodies and moments. There seems that a spark is in there, and a fire is about to light. Or, perhaps, it has lighted and is slowly bursting. Of course, we have to mention that together with Vince Grant, and as in the first single "Medicine", we find Chris King, of, the beloved, Cold Showers in production  and Brandon Pierce of Glaare in drum programming. Looking forward for even more good music from The Sea At Midnight. 





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