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Sonsombre officially announces the release of "One Thousand Graves" on Cleopatra Records, January 21st!

Sonsombre returns with the third full length album, out on Cleopatra Records!

Here in ElektroSpank, we've never hidden our love to US goth rockers, Sonsombre, the project of a passionate musician and lover of old school goth rock,Brandon Pybus. Sonsombre is a band playing a modern goth rock, using all the elements of the early 90's and second wave bands. With influences from The Wake, Screams For Tina or even The Sisters Of Mercy and Nosferatu, they have already released two full length albums, in 2018 and 2019.

Now, only few days in 2020 and with the sounds of 2019 still in our ears, Sonsombre returns with the third full-length album, "One Thousand Graves". "One Thousand Graves" will be out on January 21st, from Cleopatra Records, which is the new "home" for Sonsombre. With the first single "Lights Out" already revealed, earlier in December 2019, expectations are high for gothic rock fans and Sonsombre's followers.

"One Thousand Graves" is available for pre-order in the links below.

---- Press Release ---

Sonsombre, have amassed a vast cult following through a pair of rapid succession, acclaimed full-length releases in late 2018 and 2019. Sonsombre's modern take on the classic sounds of guitar driven Goth has generated a noticeable buzz on social media platforms. Now, Sonsombre returns with their third full-length album in less than 18 months, and this time with the legendary Cleopatra Records at their side. Their behatted frontman Brandon Pybus brings you another 11 tracks on the new album entitled “One Thousand Graves." Blending heavy chorus laden guitars with driving danceable rhythms, and Pybus’ charismatic baritone voice, this album seethes with a relentless dark energy. “One Thousand Graves” will be available via all digital and streaming outlets from Cleopatra Records on January 21st. One from the album entitled "Lights Out" can we previewed via Bandcamp.






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