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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Deathbed, dark wave, electro duo from Greece releases new single, "Transgressions"!

Deathbed's new single "Transgression'. taken from the upcoming, second EP, "Alabastrine", on exclusive premiere.

Deathbed is one of this bands that can strike out of nowhere with their extremely mature and compact compositions. With an EP already released, a year ago, in December 2018, the dark electro duo presented a collection of sounds and music, balancing between the borders of a unique gothic experimental sound and some dark electronic influences, even reminding bands like Project Pitchfork.

Before the end of 2019, Deathbed's second EP, "Alabastrine", will be out and I can, certainly, tell that Aggelos Mastrantonis and Ion Solounias move further and deeper into their music pathways. The duo collects, in here, influences of some of the greatest dark electro, wave, industrial artists.

Today the first track, a single, out of "Alabastrine" EP is being published by the Greek dark wavers. "Transgressions" is out today and you can listen to it on exclusive premiere, here. "Transgressions" is quite different from what we have already heard from Deathbed. More extensive use of the electronic parts and synths, keeping a distance from the gothicness of their first EP. However, "Transgressions" is a totally dark electro song, using mid tempo beats and an emotional melody. Aggelos's vocals moves from the known deep spectrum to, a quite, lighter path, but still melancholic and cold.

Deathbed members, Ion and Aggelos, talk about "Transgressions"... "I see ‘Transgressions’ as probably the darkest song we’ve written to date. I remember how excited I was when Ion showed me the keyboard arrangements he was working on with Kostas Christou. In fact, most of the demo materials made it through to the final version of the song.

After recording the lead synth parts it all started to sound a lot more Bladerunner-ish than originally planned and that, in turn, affected the thematic arch of the song.
Lyric wise, ‘Transgressions’ is about the fear of losing touch. It’s about alienation between partners in times of social estrangement, through and throughout a reactionary, regressive political climate...."

Another new element in Deathbed's new song, is the addition of female vocals. In "Transgressions" we find the, really beautiful, voice of Nefeli Stam, vocalist in the new wave, experimental rock band, Spooky RedRum. Nefeli's voice is perfectly matched with the character that Deathbed wanted to give to this song.

Aggelos Mastrantonis comments, "...We wanted to go for an androgynous vocal scoring, and were very pleased to bring on board my long-term collaborator and partner in crime with Spooky RedRum, Nefeli Stam.

As for the production… well, around that time I was going through an obsession phase with Coil’s ‘Time Machines’ and Boy Harsher’s latest album. So, yeah, I guess 4 out of 5 times my feedback to our producer (Panos Tsekouras) was something along the lines of ‘More panning! Louder pads!!’ I suppose it worked out nicely in the end though!..."

Listen to "Transgressions" below and stay tuned for the premiere of Deathbed's new EP, "Alabastrine", coming out one week later, on December 21st.

"Alabastrine" is available for pre-order in Deathbed's bandcamp page!

"Alabastrine" tracklist:

1. In Silence

2. By The Swanfield

3. Transgressions






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