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New Sonsombre video "Lights Out", out from Cleopatra Records!

"Lights Out" is the first single of Sonsombre's new album, "One Thousand Graves".

Sonsombre returns with new song few months since the release of their second full-length album, "The Veils of Ending".

Sonsombre after the success of the two full length albums they gained the attention of pure gothic rock fans around the world. With their music clearly influenced from legendary gothic rock bands of the 80's and the 90's, they adopt these old school gothic characteristics combined with deep, dark vocals of Brandon Pybus.

All these, led one of the legendary record companies of the underground, gothic and alternative scene, Cleopatra Records, to approach the US goth rockers and bring them to Cleo family.

So, after the announcement of the third full length album "One Thousand Graves" release date to be in early 2020 (January 21st), today the first single out of it has been released with an officila video from Cleopatra Recs.

With the darkest mood, the gothic rock, sharp guitar riffs and the deep voice of Brand, the video presents a new gothic dancefloor hit in black and white scenery. 

Certainly a promising first "taste" of the upcoming new album from Sonsombre!

Sonsombre will be visiting Athens, Greece, in June 2020 for a live show in Low Sun Festival vol. III






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