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"Christmas Nocturne" | Sue Hutton and Athan Maroulis

Projekt Releases Christmas EP from Indarra and NOIR vocalists creating beautiful versions of Christmas carols!

20 years after their "We Three Kings" edition for "Excelsis Vol 2: A Winter's Song" Christmas compilation from Project Records, Sue Hunton and Athan Maroulis join forces again to present us an amazing holiday caroling. A traditional English Christmas carol, "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" which first recorded version is found in "Three New Christmas Carols", dated 1760! Next is "Carol of A Drum", written n 1941 from classical music composer Katherine Kennicott Davis and recorded in 1951 by the "Trapp Family Singers". "Carol Of A Drum" is found in two versions in the duet's release, "Christmas Nocturne" with the one being an acappella version of the song. The anniversary release is closing with the original version from Sue and Athan of "We Three Kings", recorded in 1999 for Projekt Records's compilation .

Make sure you visit the bandcamp page below and get your copy. "Christmas Nocturne" is available as "name your price"!

The twentieth anniversary of that luxurious recording inspired Sue and Athan to recruit the talents of producer/instrumentalist Kevin Laliberté for three new dark holiday duets where touches of ethereal and world music merge with chants and flashes of the classic 4AD sound. Sue cut her sensual vocals in Toronto while Athan crooned his in New York City in the summer of 2019.



The twentieth anniversary of their recording of "We Three Kings" for Projekt Records' release "Excelsis Vol 2: A Winter's Song," inspired chanteuse Sue Hutton (of the beloved Canadian ensemble Rhea's Obsession and presently of Indarra) and troubadour Athan Maroulis (presently of NOIR and formerly of Spahn Ranch, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, and Executive Slacks) to team up with producer and instrumentalist Kevin Laliberté, to collaborate on some new Christmas material. The collective results can be found on "Christmas Nocturne," a series of duets that offer a unique haunting brand of caroling with touches of ethereal, dark wave and world music.

Featured songs include a lush take on the traditional "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," originally penned in the 18th century, a pair of renditions of the beloved 1940s "Carol of the Drum," and their original 1999 exotica-flavored recording of "We Three Kings." Projekt has just released "Christmas Nocturne" via streaming and digital outlets along with a free download option on Bandcamp.




Sue Hutton and Athan Maroulis
Christmas Nocturne

(1) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
(2) Carol of the Drum
(3) Carol of the Drum (A Cappella)
(4) We Three Kings

Tracks 1, 2 & 3:
Produced by Kevin Laliberté in Toronto, Ontario in the Summer of 2019
All instrumentation by Kevin Laliberté
Vocals by Sue Hutton were recorded in Toronto, Ontario
Vocals by Athan Maroulis were recorded at Mindswerve Studios, NYC by Xris Smack

Track 4:
Originally released as Rhea's Obsession with Athan Maroulis
Produced by Jim Field at Divine Dissonance Studios in Toronto, Ontario in the Summer of 1999
All instrumentation by Jim Field and Sue Hutton
Vocals by Sue Hutton were recorded at Divine Dissonance Studios in Toronto, Ontario
Vocals by Athan Maroulis were recorded at JLAB Studios in Los Angeles, CA by Judson Leach

All tracks were mastered by Xris Smack at Mindswerve Studios, NYC
Cover photograph by Simon Matzinger courtesy of Unsplash

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