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New electro project, Enhok, releases first single and video, "Black Waters"

Enhok, a synthpop, electro band from Spain debuts with a melodic single.

It is really beautiful when you have the chance to meet and introduce a really interesting effort made by someone who seems to give all the love he can to his project. And this is the case with Enhok. 

Enhok is a new project, coming from the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. The man behind this project is Diego Gutierez, a musician, singer and producer who experiments and plays with rock and the electronic genre, dark ambience and powerful synth sounds.  Diego Gutierez is using "all the digital possibilities of today, drum machines,synthesizers, sound design and ambiences that create a powerful and immersive experience".

"Black Waters" is out on October 25th on all digital platforms. Together with the release of the single, there ill be a video premiere scheduled on the same date. You can watch the video below:

"Black Waters" is a song, which first of all, mixes a variety of feelings. That is, because of the really beautiful arrangements and music, that creates and expresses an emotional background and scenery. Using synths, piano and drums in a mid tempo but being really powerful when the tension is higher. There are also really melodic parts that gives extra power to the strong ending that Diego has created for "Black Waters".

Additionally there re different feelings that could contrast with the emotional and melodic tunes. Lyrics in "Black Waters" are not the ones you would probably find in a love song. Diego Gutierez, in "Black Waters", speaks about society. He comments the facts that everyone sees in everyday life, regarding the cold faces and the negligence we all come upon to, in many aspects of our lives. And all these from a beautiful voice.

Great combination of a depressing, melancholic song, lyric-wise, while music-wise there is a beautiful piano, synth composition, creating a dark synth ambience!

Diego comments on his first single, "Black Waters": “Black waters is a perfect song for my first single, it's about getting in touch with all the deep and dark thoughts that inspire me to write songs and say the things society doesn't like or care to see or hear, so drowning into black waters is a way for me to dive deep into these thoughts and express them out loud within this musical project."

I suggest you should check Enhok and "Black Waters". Listen carefully and you will love it. Looking forward for more new material from Enhok.







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